LD+ r37.0b is now out on Patreon!

LD+ r37.0b is now out on Patreon!

Download: https://www.patreon.com/posts/65400678


-Completed rest of Island

-Added Private dungeon ankle stocks scenes for Rinny

-Added Private dungeon ankle stocks scene for Fawn as domme

-Changed so that can buy ankle stocks even with tickle kink turned off

-Fixed attack command to show nim and ero based damage

-Adjusted shown attack damage values to account for player attack and enemy defense percentiles

-Now shows message when autosaving

-Added option on title screen to load autosave

-Added option in options menu to default to load autosave, or load save game

-Adjusted Island battles to be up to 4 points (instead of 5)

-Added save/load/quit menu to Island battles

-Adjusted autosave frequency

-Adjusted code for preloading character portrait

-Adjusted code for character portrait file locations

-Shortened how long it takes to go from early to late stage pregnancy

-Fixed bug where going to Island causes certain story flags to reset

-Fixed issue with Island NPCs clothing not setting properly

-Fixed issue with Island NPCs being able to f**k without right genitalia

-Fixed issues when surrendering to Island NPCs

-Fixed bug causing Island to reset Island entrance, NPC clothes, and other things

-Fixed lag issues on Island

-Fixed cock appearing over waist wrap

-Fixed issue with certain options not loading properly

-Fixed Back button not appearing in log during Island battles

-Fixed bug with tinkering causing name error

-Fixed bug with numbers in hud overlapping when using items

-Adjusted Rinny blindfold graphic

-Added diagonal stairs graphics, made minor map adjustments

-Fixed issue with slanted eyes

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Do you know when this version will be free? (If at all)

Seventh of next month!

I do want to ask, when will you be finishing Cassie's story?

Her first route is done, second route still a bit ways off before I start it!

let's goooo baby it's coming can't wait to get to public and i already see A LOT of bug fixes

but a lot of quality things too~ sweet!

Yes, lots of big fixes~