Lust Doll Plus r36.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r36.1!

As a heads-up, the main content for this release, Island is only about 75% completed. This is because some really major issues came up in my life last month (basically the place I was going to move to this summer essentially vanished, leaving me having to scramble to find somewhere else to live.) All this, just in time for the three-year anniversary, because of course bad things would choose to happen then and not literally ANY other time.

Fortunately, it's mostly taken care of now.

(And also because the coding for Island is REALLY complicated.)

So don't fret if Island feels like stuff is missing, there'll be more to it coming next release for sure!

And yes speaking of which, happy three years anniversary of working on LD+! Woot~! Here's to many more releases!


-Fixed locked feet undies not being recognized by game

-Fixed bug causing Cassie to become non-furry and Fawn to become non-pregnant in Island

-Made criteria for f**king NPCs in Island fight clearer

-Fixed stripping clothes in Island not being recognized

-Renamed Swim Tops and Bottoms to Bra and Panties

-Fixed stripped clothes not being restored in Island

-Fixed 0 error when encounter 2 npc's in Island


-Added Island

-Added opposite-facing versions of certain hats

-Added several swimsuits

-Added options for NG+: can reset clothes, items, and skills

-Fixed graphics on thicc witch robe

-Fixed Rinny cock not showing during futa part of hypnosis

-Made Rinny's futa cock bigger

-Fixed keeping equipment after Torture Rack scenes

-Fixed Rinny staying with you after helping Alissa

-Fixed issue with NPC hp bars appearing over history log


Lust Doll Plus r36.1 (Android).apk 201 MB
Apr 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r36.1 (Linux).zip 299 MB
Apr 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r36.1 (Mac).zip 392 MB
Apr 08, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r36.1 (Win).zip 257 MB
Apr 08, 2022

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How go to island?

The way can be found in the Gallery in upper new Ark!

Kinda late for this but happy 3rd anniversary ^w^

Thank you! Definitely have come a long way

Quick question how would I get to the said Island?

It's found in the gallery in UNA!


I'm like borderline asexual and this is fun as hell outside of the seggsual content lol! Nice work! I look forward to watching this game progress ❤


Thank you, happy to hear it! And yes, more on the way!


Indivi on behalf of the community, we love the hard work you put in and the game is great, also hoping everything turns out okay with irl situations, but there is something unforgivable that you need to adress, the people demand to know... where is old ark city 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨


The back botton disappeared when i press log in the island whole doing fight

Thanks, I'll fix it!


I like the mini-game but I don't like the lag. (I using a phone)


Thanks, the lag should be fixed next release!

(1 edit)

I've been running around with the unnaturally sensitive status for a while now. Not sure how to get rid of it, and I'm not even certain it wasn't a bug that I got it in the first place.

I received it when trying the different options available when "paying with your body" after getting hypnotized. It only happened on the fourth or fifth time when I decided to tease Rinny while having a dick.

Also at that point in the game I had only just freed Cassie, so if I hadn't known how to do it, it would have taken me ages to get to UNA, where I was then told after an examination I should simply stop cumming. But I don't know if it means for a certain amount of time or steps, because just going to bed repeatedly and lowering my arousal with angel milk did not work. I've tried that 15 times in a row.

Edit: I just remembered I also got early stage pregnancy at exactly the same time.

Yes, the idea is that you don't cum for a while until it clears out, so your method should work. I'll look into it

Thank you, but just to be clear, does sleeping count as passing time for this or is time determined by actual play time or a step counter?

Sleeping counts. I took a look, you actually need to wait for it to trigger again after having not came for several nights, and then it'll clear out

Alright, I'll give that a try. Thank you very much.


there is no lore in this island update? if true oh man that sucks soooo bad i want loreee


It'll come!

(1 edit)

i wait for years If needed!

(2 edits) (+1)

just wanted to report some bugs i encountered after doing stuff in the island:

  1. relationship progress seemed to have reset with fawn (i progressed enough to get her pregnant before, but now she mentions starting off when asking her about rope and refuses fertility pills.)
  2. most, if not all npcs start off nude when talking to them (which is hella weird when talking to bell.)
  3. a cowgirl mentions what i presume to be text for after the end of bell's route.

happy third anniversary! game's pretty fun. i suppose i'll have to redo fawn's route again

Thanks! And yeah, going into island's causing quite a few bugs. I'll look into them! In the meantime, please keep a backup save from before entering island

Hold on theirs a end for her where she finally gets some sizeable boobs and not be flat as a board as she says anymore huh that's neat and good for her ^w^

That's a big milestone! Happy Three Years! Cheers!🥂


Thank you, cheers!

(1 edit)

Couple of (presumed) bugs to report:
-Cannot be impregnated by Futa or Trap during party in Gallery
-Island receptionist claims that you must be wearing something to cover your lower body, but you are allowed to enter nude.
-Surrender option does not function properly during Island arena

Thanks, I'll take care of that!

Further bugs discovered, one of which is definitely not intended:
-After completing island, Fawn will not accept Fertility Pill, is unwilling to let you domme at private dungeon, discussion of rope leads to restarting of shibari scenario, and subbe options at private dungeon are re-hidden. Having prior given Fawn a Fertility Pill does not allow Fawn to be impregnated. (Bug does not occur if Fawn is pregnant before entering Island.)
-One of Rinny's attacks during Island arena is phrased to imply she is futa (or uses Cock Growth for that attack), but her portrait does not display a futa cock, nor are their options involving attacking her as a futanari.

ive had the other two give that text aswell

Thanks, this will be fixed!


yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss it's out at last!


oh and happy third anniversary! you deserve.... i guess...well congrats and stop looking this post!

Thanks, and yes! Milestone achieved~


happy third anniversary!


Thank you!


Am I the only one getting huge amounts of lag in the Island battle room?

Thanks, I'll fix it!

small question where island


Upper New Ark.  Go to the Gallery,  pay and enter, run around and go on top of the receptionist, go back to the bottom left room, and go into the display that has a hole on the bottom right, touch the art, don't pay the fee for breaking it. At the end of the day after everyone leaves, go up the large painting in the bottom middle room, congrats, access to the Island. After you do this, a teleport will be in the Island painting room at the bottom.

I found  that leaving the island to going back to the apartment fawn clothes are remove and do you need to break the art to go back to the island again but so far its a good update but the island fight is a bit hard to move around but its fun.

Thanks, I'll fix it! And should be less laggy next release!

(2 edits) (+1)

Made criteria for f**king NPCs in Island fight clearer haha i thought u were mad but u just ment sex lol and happy 3 year anniversary

haha, it's usually the code that's more frustrating sometimes, not the NPCs XD. And thanks!

Damn, what a time to check for a release, sorry to hear about your plans falling through, hang in there! And congrats on three years :D

Thanks, it happens. And yes, milestone achieved~