LD+ r36.0b is out on Patreon!

LD+ r36.0b is now out on Patreon!



-Added Island

-Added opposite-facing versions of certain hats

-Added several swimsuits

-Added options for NG+: can reset clothes, items, and skills

-Fixed graphics on thicc witch robe

-Fixed Rinny cock not showing during futa part of hypnosis

-Made Rinny's futa cock bigger

-Fixed keeping equipment after Torture Rack scenes

-Fixed Rinny staying with you after helping Alissa

-Fixed issue with NPC hp bars appearing over history log

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I kinda want more interactions with characters like Linda. Since you have the least interactions with her outside the story she has. ...and yes im counting the abandon lab maybe... i can't tell if it's a "interaction" or "story part" since nothing happens afterwards.

Feels bad since i expected some interactive $ex scenes after you rescued her and such. She had abilities and looks like she could use some "relief" every now and then because the meat... or something else. :)

...idk. hope this gives ideas for an update.


[Edit] question, is the schedule every "public release" is out.. a month from the public release. Or the patreon release.

If it is a month after the public release then i think this helps, since patreon could get it weeks earlier and they have news behind paywalls... 

Linda's route technically isn't finished yet! Release schedule is every month! Patreon gets the latest on the 20th or so, and public comes out on the seventh the following month!

Okay. However i still wish you can have some $ex scenes with linda rather than the game over with her battle. Since she is right there in the lab chillin, i know her route isn't finished. but i think at least giving her some scenes or such should be a nice reward for doing that dungeon and helping her would be nice. 

But hey im guessing you have plans, your building up the supense.

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I know you posted the link to the active wiki of LD+ here a while before indivi but I am a doodle and too stupid to find it it seems, would you be so kind to post it again?
It really helps with my inability to properly memorize the individual steps needed for advancing quests. ^^'

Also I remember seeing Mistyra listed as a romanceable character there, is that correct? If so how does one access that path? I tried fighting her a couple of times & also lost on purpose and then stayed until I got the "bad" end, but no way to really interact with her outside of battle or the imprisonment.

Finally I havent found out how to initiate intimate scenes with the LIs where the game allows me to use the dong growth spell on them, is there a specific requirement I have to meet? I bought the 1st private dungeon equip, for Fawn I haven't reached the end of her arc yet so I assume there's that, but I'm clueless what I need to do for best kitty (Cassie) to try that out.
Rinny has no option to invite her to the dungeon when I talk to her, I can't recall if she was listed among those that the PC can bring there. There is a pregnancy chance though when doing the futa scene in her home anway, correct?


Here!: https://lustdollplus.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

Yes, but she's not yet available in plus for that!

No specific requirement for cock growth, but some NPCs don't have scenes set up for it.

Rinny, you likely haven't finished her route yet. Have you done the Manor quest? And yes, anytime cream pie happens, there is chance for pregnancy if you have it enabled

Thanks for your reply and especially the link ^-^
I take the "not yet" as "Of course I am fully aware that people liked her a lot and I will bring her back as a RO once the time is ripe, you fool"? :p

Jokes aside that is really cool, as much as I like all the characters, in regards to the romance part of the game I think none of the currently implemented romance things tickles my fancies as much as Mistyra, at least if she stays her slightly freaky, domineering self. ^^

Ah...yeah looking at the wiki I can see that I haven't gotten far enough on Fawns path for the stuff yet, not sure what I do wrong in regards to Cassie (or is she 1 of those characters who don't have a scene yet for making her grow a toy?) and I definitely messed up my explanation in regards to Rinny. What I wanted to say is that I did the futa scene with her like 5 or 6 times and didn't get pregnant yet, but I also didn't increase the chance or anything so it's definitely my bad. Also, just to be sure, gotta check twice if I maybe accidentally disabled pregnancy content.

Haha, well there's a lot of things that are planned and being worked on XD. No promises when certain characters will get updates! But yeah, Mistyra definitely has some interesting developments on the way!

Cassie I don't think has futa content yet. It's a 10 percent chance to get pregnant from cream pies, which goes up to hundred percent if you take a fertility pill beforehand!

Hey, I'm just asking for a hint. In the current public version, I beat the meat monster, and I'm wondering how to continue Linda's story? Not asking for a full walkthrough, just how to get the ball rolling

If I remember correctly you need to head back to the abandoned base. Been awhile though so don’t quote me on that.

Bathing suit options?! I can't wait to get there! (๑✧∀✧๑)


Each NPC has a unique design!

Question, is it possible to get megacock and megaboobs without bad ending in this update? If not, is it planned for the future?

Not yet! It's planned!


Can I say that you are by far the most consistent game updater, in terms of following a schedule.

Thank you, it's something I'm doing my best to maintain!

Warning for those who haven't played yet: the option to fuck the other contestants in the lewd battles isn't implemented yet. It starts greyed out because you haven't met the requirements (i,e, they're still wearing clothes), but when you do meet them, it remains greyed out because it's not ready yet. Don't bother trying to meet the requirements.

Ah whoops, it's explained poorly. The option to fuck them is in the game. It's greyed out because you or them are at less than 50% lust.

Ah, my bad. I'm just used to greyed out options with "not ready yet" just not having been added yet. Sorry!

It's fine!


ah it took so long but it's finally here!! well... almost still have to wait for it to come out to the public


Haha, compared to most games, one month is pretty quick! It'll be out on the seventh next month!


(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 indivi keep on the good work!


Thank you, I will!

I just gotta say, you've made such an amazing game. I can respect it for both it erotic content, and it's rpg content, not to mention the numerous sstorylines

Thank you, I'm happy it satisfies!


Beach episode let's gooooooo


What can we do in Island?

You'll find out soon!