LD+ r35.0b is out on Patreon!

LD+ r35.0b is now out on Patreon!

Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/62829575


-Added to Alissa's story

-Added Rinny hypnotism event

-Added Witch Hat and Robe, Wristwatch and Eyepatches to Transylvania shop

-Added Medical Eyepatches to nursery shop in New Ark city

-Added held Dildos to sex shop in Underground Mall

-Added Flogger, Cattle Prod and Spanking Paddles to Succubus Tower shop

-Added several Collars to Succubus Tower shop

-Revised system for attacking with held items

-Marked held items that count as weapons

-Changed so wearing random clothes doesn't equip living clothes

-Fixed knife appearing in Alissa's hands after playing with her

-Fixed bug preventing access to equips after arena fight

-Fixed bug where you can get abandoned town encounters in ruined lab

-Fixed incorrect text in Kitty's buttplug scene

-Fixed Fawn's bedsheets when pregnant

-Fixed bandit girl context text when stripping

-Fixed UNA guard appearing in gallery party, and island

-Fixed removing unremoveable clothes when playing with Kitty

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Is it gonna be released into public today(plz)

To be released today!

ah I can't wait more tomorrow gonna release the public ver

It's coming very soon!

wow i can wait to get released for the public i want more alissa soooo bad

It's coming very soon!


I want version r35.0b how long will i wait

The public version will be out on the seventh of next month!

Thank you very much and there is one more Your storyline is really good.

You're welcome and thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it

How to meet Kitty?

It depends on your kink settings! If you have the right ones, she'll meet you in the Rock club in the city!

Dude, this RPG is high-quality. As in, I would buy it if necessary. Have you ever thought about working with a publisher?

Thank you, I'm happy to hear it! I think most publishers are still wary of adult projects! I have tentative plans to release it on steam at some point though!

I didnt knew i wanted eyepatches to my blind oc until now... Thanks again mate

You're welcome! Definitely good for a certain look

When will the public version come out?

after 15 days

On the seventh of next month!