LD+ r34.0b is out on Patreon!

Hey all! LD+ r34.0b is now out on Patreon!




-Added several head ears, eyes, eyebrows

-Added to Kitty's event

-Added to Linda's story

-Added hypersensitive nipples interaction with non-removeable clothing

-Added interaction if sleep with non-removeable clothing

-Added handicaps to underground arena

-Added option to change default player expression

-Revised coding for showing eyes

-Fixed bulls appearing on NG+ without finding Milk Farm

-Fixed bug where molesting infected scientist twice crashes the game

-Fixed hooves bug when doing special with Sammy

-Changed how living and meat parasite clothes text functions

-Fixed being able to cure hypersensitive nipples when chest blocked

-Fixed Kitty's eyes disappearing after session

-Fixed seeing Fawn in slums before movie night

-Fixed Cless's glasses when human

-Fixed Message Log to allow right-click to cancel out of

-Fixed face items appearing under hair sides

-Fixed tinkering weird fish with dull knife not clearing selection afterwards

-Fixed algorithms for NPC actions in battle

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Do new  versions and/or updates come with all of content of the previous ones?

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Will there be any more quests for Bell or the Milk Farm?

im having issues after a saved cassie from don it does not let me go back into his place preventing me from going into upper new ark. is this a bug or is this intentional?

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I believe it's intentional, because was the same for me. I still managed to get up into Upper New Ark. There's an "all-knowing" hobo in the homeless section of slums (south of the Don's place, in the top left corner if i remember correctly) that u can talk to who will tell u random yet useful information in exchange for a certain item(s). One such info is that the junk vendor secretly sells three kinds of low or poor quality counterfeit passes that can get u into upper new ark (they don't always work though). U may need to talk to him a number of times to get that info. When u get a massage from Lin Lin with one of them on u, and she'll offer to take u to the tattoo artist in who can turn them into top quality counterfeit passes that always work for a price (u can learn to do it u're self with an ink pen if u have a high enough 'nim'). They're single use passes, so u'll need a new one every time u go up.

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The quest "A New Pet" won't start for me. I've tried sleeping numerous times, but it but it won't start. And how do I start the events with Sana and Miki?

Not sure what quest you're referring to!

For the nurses, you'll need to find a way to get yourself hospitalized!

A New Pet deals with Cassie and the bandit girl Alissa. That's what the fan made wiki called the quest.

Ah XD. What have you done with them thus far?

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I've only managed to so far as Alissa interrupting me and Cassie in bed and bath. The wiki said to sleep in order for Cassie to approach me to set restrictions for Alissa so we can be intimate, but nothing happens.

Get Cassie to change clothes a bunch! She can't be pregnant for this

I tried going to the "Upper New Ark" hospital severely injured (or at least my stamina being in the red), but that didn't seem to work in getting me hospitalized. Could u be a little more specific? Please?

Cless's request can result in you getting a status ailment that requires a doctor's attention!

Is it possible to get a walkthrough?

I'm doing one for backers on my Patreon, and there's the fan made wiki!: https://lustdollplus.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page

Do u happen to know how often the wiki walkthrough gets updated?

Depends on when fans update it!

I think this may have been the first project I found on here, and I still love checking it out years later. By now there is so much content it's difficult to actually see it all. The major stuff you can figure out with the journal, but I often keep wandering around looking for special interactions I may have missed. It's great but also a bit frustrating.

Good to hear! Yes, lots of progress has been made~. And haha, I getcha, even though a lot of it is optional, it's natural to want to find everything.

Okay, the handicaps look interesting - not going to lie XD Getting reactions from your opponents as you beat them senseless with all your handicaps, even more so XD Lin Lin is going to have a harder time living down her shame after this update.

(speaking of which, have you thought about expanding some of your less used characters? not now - you're still working towards endgame and re-adding the previous content, and I get that. But eventually, I'd like to get some more depth. Like, Lin Lin is fun, helps you out, and is a martial artist masseuse. Cool - what's she like on a date? what's she afraid of? what drives her? How about Sammy? Does she like owning the bath? Why did she take up sparring - and who got her into it? What are her dreams? That sort of thing. it's nothing critical, obviously, but given the options at the end of Lust Doll, I've always been a bit curious about the "other" people in the MC's life. )

It's still fairly new, so only Lin Lin really reacts to it right now XD. The other fighters may as well down the line!

Yeah, Lin Lin and Sammy will likely have their own routes at some point, not to fret! We'll find out more about them soon enough


i wanted to know whos kitty?

i dont know or remember anyone with that name

note : my gay and furry and pregnany options are off and im update to the game


First "How To Find Kitty" - Go to the nightclub on the middle level of the city (not the slums) and be a bouncer there. Do that a couple times, and be STRONK! at it. you get a chance, at random I'm pretty sure, to save a cute girl who immediately hits on you. that's Kitty. 
Given various aspects of the character, 2 of your no options could be blocking you from meeting her, though. 
Honestly, given what she does and how she's written, you aren't missing too much not meeting her at this point - no dig to those that like her, but she does not have a lot of content as of yet, and it makes her a much more limited character than some of the others. I'm sure she'll be better in the future - Indivi is really good at this XD - but that's for later.



yeah...one of the things that im so hyped for is the little shop of horrors or that closed door in mansion

i wish i could have the full version of this game but i think i borned too early 😂😂

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I've tried  that bouncer job numerous times (my character is strong as hell by the way; strength: 100), but she NEVER shows up.