Lust Doll Plus r33.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r33.1!


-Fixed Kitty image load error

-Fixed socks appearing over lower clothes

-Fixed being able to use Gimp Suit to remove meat parasites

-Changed so that being ass pregnant doesn't forbid certain options

-Fixed random events when working as bouncer


-Added UNA gallery party

-Added to Kitty's events

-Added clothes: 3 new Onesies, ball clamps, ball vibes, nip clamps

-Updated Salamander Onesies

-Adjusted side HUD graphics

-Changed paying in Art Gallery to allow access to Island

-Allow setting own term for futa's

-Fixed clothes displacement with certain encounters

-Fixed fairy encounter softlock

-Fixed duplicating living clothes

-Fixed getting extra clothes from Fawn shibari scene

-Fixed being able to attack while bound

-Fixed Drain Kiss not dealing lust damage

-Fixed being unable to strip Bandit Girl shorts

-Fixed continuity issue with lewding fairies

-Fixed wildcat surrender softlock

-Fixed removing all parasites at science lab tower

-Fixed being unable to do Marin's second challenge with hooves

-Fixed closet on android

-Fixed blank message history entries when checking closet

-Removed unnecessary double touch on android

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Will you ever be able to make the abandoned city alive? or maybe turn it into a place that will have your harem? maybe there is a universe where that can happen

There's stuff you'll go back there for later on. Otherwise, potentially could happen!

is there any chance of getting parasite wings or any kind of wings 

Yes, it's planned!

how do you become a bouncer at a club?

You need a certain amount of strength!

Is there anything else to do with Kitty, besides going to their room? Given their character, I'd like to be able to bring Kitty to the Torture Rack.

Not yet, just started with her after all! I'll see about developing her route!

how do I get ass pregnant?

It's something that can happen in meat parasite route!

How do I get unass pregnant?

Sit on a toilet!

Sit on a toilet!

awwww...still no meger size boobs oh well there is always next update

Permanent mega boobs won't be for a while! It's planned for a certain mission!


I did find the mega boob tf in the deep fleash place its so good

its been a bit since i played, was "ass pregnant" a typo on the update notes or is that an actual option that was added at some point?

It is a thing, to allow males to get pregnant!

(3 edits)

Uhhmm an UNA Guard just crashed the party and all the previous logs said "undefined", pretty sure that wasn't suppose to happen when you get into the pillar, and now it's asking me to fix my clothes.

edit 1: I tried to fight it but I get aroused by the strangers touching me like its still happening.

edit 2: I got lectured and the party was over and now I'm stuck lmao.

I'll look into it!

Where i can see kitty?

Take a doorman job at one of the clubs. Kitty should pop up eventually...

You mean the bouncer job?

Ye, he mean that


Can only meet if you have certain kinks enabled!

Hey love the game since original build but I am having problems getting to the island and finding kitt

Glad to hear! Island isn't finished yet, and Kitty you might not meet, depending on your kink settings!

Redid my settings found kitty… chef’s kiss it is awesome

haha, glad to hear! Fun to write~.

Indivi mi ídolo



If you attend the party and remove all clothes a security orb will come. Just kill it and you softlock.

Can I get your save file to investigate this?


How do i send the file?

Save files are here!:

Windows: C:\users\(username)\AppData\Local\UserData\Default\Lust Doll Plus

Mac: \Users\(username)\Library\Application Support\Default\Lust Doll Plus

Linux: \Users\(username)\.config\KADOKAWA\RPGMV\Default\Lust Doll Plus

(May need to sudo nautilus if you don't have access to .config)

Android: \data\data\indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus

(Requires root access)

Can send it to me using

Save File

This is my first time using a website to share files so I may have done this wrong.

Instructions: Just choose a option that removes clothes and a UNA guard will appear. Kill it and you will be stuck, unable to do anything but close the game. This also happens when you encounter the UNA guard normally. 

Also this is the second time I attended the party. The first time worked like it should but it seems attending the party again messes something up.

Yeah, it's really strange how sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Thanks, I'll look into it more