LD+ r33.0b is out on Patreon!

Hey all! LD+ r33.0b is now out on Patreon!



-Added UNA gallery party

-Added to Kitty's events

-Added clothes: 3 new Onesies, ball clamps, ball vibes, nip clamps

-Updated Salamander Onesies

-Adjusted side HUD graphics

-Changed paying in Art Gallery to allow access to Island

-Allow setting own term for futa's

-Fixed clothes displacement with certain encounters

-Fixed fairy encounter softlock

-Fixed duplicating living clothes

-Fixed getting extra clothes from Fawn shibari scene

-Fixed being able to attack while bound

-Fixed Drain Kiss not dealing lust damage

-Fixed being unable to strip Bandit Girl shorts

-Fixed continuity issue with lewding fairies

-Fixed wildcat surrender softlock

-Fixed removing all parasites at science lab tower

-Fixed being unable to do Marin's second challenge with hooves

-Fixed closet on android

-Fixed blank message history entries when checking closet

-Removed unnecessary double touch on android

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Can't wait to play the gallery party. When will the public version come out?

On the seventh!

Umm, I'm reading this on the 7th. You mean 7th your time?

It's out now! And yes~