Lust Doll Plus r32.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r32.1!


-Fixed clothes issues with Marin's first trial

-Fixed graphical issue with underclothes and preggers

-Wear any now has chance to not wear anything in a slot

-Fixed scene access issues with Transylvania encounters

-Fixed being able to lewd non-lewdable enemies

-Fixed Fawn wearing odd clothes when visiting in Roxie's Diner

-Fixed Science Lab Tower removing parasites

-Fixed still being able to do things in fights after reach 100 lust

-Fixed certain clothes blocking crotch for scenes


-Added next part of Alissa's route

-Added Context battle option for each encounter, replacing Ero Attack

-Added bouncer job at The Rock dance club

-Can get a drink now at The Rock dance club

-Added shortcut in Deserted Base

-Fixed graphical issue with held items

-Fixed issue with wearing socks when surrendering to infected scientist

-Fixed bug where loading clothes set briefly puts on socks and shoes when have hooves

-Fixed issue with wearing Shibari and lower body clothes while pregnant

-Fixed bug preventing access to medical class on NG+

-Clothes that can be worn with hooves now have descriptors


Lust Doll Plus r32.1 (Android).apk 196 MB
Dec 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r32.1 (Linux).zip 294 MB
Dec 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r32.1 (Mac).zip 386 MB
Dec 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r32.1 (Win).zip 252 MB
Dec 08, 2021

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I saw something about enormous breasts on here, is that still possible to get?


Yes! It mainly involves the meat parasite route at the moment

when will more Cassie content be released?

Will be a little while, but she's planned for an upcoming 2nd route!

Will the gamcore version be updated? If not then is there a way to transfer data from the gamcore version? Thanks in advance!


I'm not responsible for the gamcore releases, unfortunately! Don't know specifically about how to transfer between websites, but you can try looking at this?


Thanks for the help! Though truthfully I just started all over again instead just so I can go through Fawn's route again. Still, thank you for your help and taking the time to answer.

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Can you link me the previous version? Does save files get erased if i uninstalled the old version THEN install the new version?

Since im think if i get my r31.1 version downloaded.... then install the newest version over it i can save the data. it alright if you can help? I don't have patreon BUT this is a public version of it. I just need a r31.1 download on android.

(Basically its already made public but the link is no longer here... so even if i know what to do.. i can't get the public link for 31.1 anymone..)

Unfortunately, yes if you uninstall on android, it'll delete it. Next time don't uninstall, just install the new version over it

Heya i'll be soon getting a new android phone so how do i transfer progress?

Android save files are located here!:


(Requires root access)

Can probably copy and paste over?

How do i root access?

You'll have to Google it! It's a pretty technical process

how do i trigger Alissa's next route. I've hung out with Alissa and Cassie like the logbook said. I slept with Cassie and played with Alissa as well. I slept to continue the progress too, but nothing seem to work. Can anyone give me a hint?


Well next one is to take bath with cassie, alissa will show up again as usual. And the last step is to mess up with her (alias keep asking her to change clothes) and as usual, that mf named Alissa will appear when you chose to "make her" during messing up with cassie. And then bla bla bla i forgot but at the end when you already went to somewhere and slep, go back to abandoned town again, seek, and you'll encounter the unusual bandit girl that is Alissa. After that go back to alissa again i guess and then search for a job (bouncer in NAC[New Ark City]'s club, Restaurant in NAC, and the club in the slums under NAC). And then go back to her to summarize about Alissa's result.

Indivi pls i cant handle the fact that Alissa starts to be depressed from it, she doesnt deserve to be this way- ( ;∀;)

thank you


Don't worry, I'm working on a way to save her!

Deleted 2 years ago

How do i start the new scene i can't seem to do it

For Alissa? The main thing is to look for jobs for her!

Hey indivi long time player just wondering where are the jobs spots for alissas new scene at?

It's all the places you can work at yourself!

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Pardon? non lewdable characters? since when? what character would that be?

also, what do i do after cassie confronts alissa about her jobs?

the bandit girls pants dont come off in the second option, is this not implemented or not working?

i figured out how to get double preggers!

get pregnant normally and before you lose early stage go get molested by some meat in the lower deserted base :P

I'm talking about certain monsters, like Grave Hands!

That's as far as her route goes for now!

Thanks, I'll look into that!

And XD congrats! That's how it's done~.

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Really? is that intentional? feels like an exploit considering you cant pregnant while ass pregnant, you cant get ass pregnant while [edit] late [/edit] pregnant, and you ask gin what kind of double pregnancy shenanigans he thinks youre capable of, while double pregnant...

XD I'll look at it

"non-lewdable" sounds like something that isn't entirely possible but whatever i guess XD .

idk if you've already considered this or not but perhaps could you add a toggle for the scenes that are not escapable once you enter them.
perhaps alternatively you can wake up in the last place you fell asleep as if the not escapable scene was a nightmare/dream, just an idea though :) .


haha, I getcha XD. Mainly I'm just talking about certain monsters, like grave hands, which ero attacks wouldn't work on.

Nah, it'll be a lot of extra work for that sort of thing, plus there's something nice about the finality of certain bad ends.