Lust Doll+ r32.0b is out on Patreon!

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-Added next part of Alissa's route

-Added Context battle option for each encounter, replacing Ero Attack

-Added bouncer job at The Rock dance club

-Can get a drink now at The Rock dance club

-Added shortcut in Deserted Base

-Fixed graphical issue with held items

-Fixed issue with wearing socks when surrendering to infected scientist

-Fixed bug where loading clothes set briefly puts on socks and shoes when have hooves

-Fixed issue with wearing Shibari and lower body clothes while pregnant

-Fixed bug preventing access to medical class on NG+

-Clothes that can be worn with hooves now have descriptors

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i replay the game in r29.2 then download r31.1 and the lil shop o'Horrors didn't have anything in the shop and i can't go to the back of the shop if there anyway to fix this ?

Did you buy the living clothes?

The main thing is to get the living clothes! If you can't buy it from there, you'll need to visit Marin!

will it be realesed for the public the 32.0?


Yes, on the 7th!