Lust Doll Plus r31.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r31.1!


-Fixed not being able to wash off slimy from meat parasites

-Fixed issue with Linda's arms up pose on android

-Fixed bug where NG+ would retain old text

-Fixed wrong stats being affected by states

-Fixed whip appearing below onesies

-Fixed issue with Gimp Suit preggers graphics


-Added Meat Parasite Nest

-Added scene if attempt to train magic while Rinny's with you

-Added scene if play with Gin while having hypersensitive nipples

-Added scene if milk at milk farm while having hypersensitive nipples

-Added shortcut point for Forest Park

-Added wearing certain items when have hooves

-Added hooves version for gimp suit

-Made sleepiness easier to trigger

-Changed order of stats from states in menu

-Changed preggers shrine to include male preggers

-Fixed being able to do ankle stocks scenes as subbe while having hooves

-Fixed being unable to complete manor quest while having hooves

-Fixed infected female giving meat parasite when crotch blocked

-Fixed being unable to remove parasites at tower if didn't activate it in time

-Fixed issues when pursuing Mistyra with parasites

-Fixed issues with furry Mistyra crotch pose

-Fixed being aroused not increasing ero

-Fixed continuity issues with training Gin while having hooves

-Fixed issue with Fawn revenge inking in condo

-Fixed issue with message history and variables


Lust Doll Plus r31.1 (Android).apk 195 MB
Nov 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r31.1 (Linux).zip 294 MB
Nov 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r31.1 (Mac).zip 386 MB
Nov 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r31.1 (Win).zip 251 MB
Nov 08, 2021

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excuse me,Is this game made by unity

It is not! It is made in RPG maker MV!

The only thing I'm slightly disappointed about is that you can't bring cassie with you around the abandoned town, it'd be really cool if you could bring her with you, like you could take her to the lab you woke up in and she'd have some sort of reaction to certain things (e.g. your pod, the mechanical seat etc)

haha, it would be an interesting idea! That said, she wouldn't have much idea of what to make of those things XD

Hi Indivi! I didn't play Lust Doll Plus since r29.0 and I don't know how can I download the new version (r31.1) without lost my progress, Can you help me pls? Thanks you

I tell you that I play on android. 

Don't uninstall the old release, just install the new one over it! That'll keep your save files!

Someone can tell me Rinny's route and Bell's route, or some route that is available please, I already have Cassie's, but I would like to advance in the story ;(

For Rinny, bring her to speak to the person before the graveyard gates! Doing Transylvania will also unlock Bell's events!

I just did what you told me to do, but the mirror thing happened, rinny was taken away and I can't get out of the graveyard either, now what do I do? :(

Something has changed now that Rinny isn't with you!

And what is it? I really don't know what to do ;-;, One clue at least please 

Loss scenes are different since Rinny isn't there!

can anyone help me? when i start r31.1 it just gives me a black box but r31.0 works fine...

What OS are you playing on? Try re-downloading!

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Im assuming the desert and desert town is part of plus, how do i get there? theres no hint whatsoever oh how to reach the desert on the lust doll wiki

although i do see that the lust doll wiki includes stuff for the gallery party which isnt present in plus.....

also surprisingly no one ive met complains about socks and sandles XP

there are clothes that remove nude status effect but not indecent, is there also going to be a sexy buff when using some of the really nice clothing thats only slightly revealing but not indecent, like the snow white dress? (however with an ample bust snow white dress should be labelled indecent imo) 

Wearing bras is important in hiding when booba are cold or aroused, is there ever a possibility that these would show up on lighter clothing if no cupped bra is worn?

Black Leggings? look weird while on the milker.

I just got scammed by the body mod shop, blocked chest stopped me from doing anything and I still had to pay, I don't think that actions should be blocked by body blocking clothing if they can be willingly removed...

Unsurprisingly, I tried removing all genitalia and I was chided for not considering how one would urinate, but I did, cloacas are a thing, are we gonna get birb boys and gals in the future?

the Virgin killer outfit is a little disappointing considering sides the backside (lol) is the best part, and when youre extra thicc you dont really get to see such lovely fruit, turn around options would take a helluva lot of work, but i think it would round ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) out the clothing choices, imma take a wild shot in the dark, not gonna happen but ey, may as well speak my mind...

Desert isn't in yet! That wiki is for the original, not plus!

Socks and sandals... haha, dress as you will, dad!

Probably no buffs. Want to avoid encouraging min maxing!

Nipples poking through would probably require too much graphic variations, unfortunately! Would be neat though

The actual reason why you can't remove all genitalia is because it'll cause the rest of the game to not work properly, since it's assumed that you have at least one of them!

Virgin killer, haha, yeah backside would be cool, but yeah, not gonna happen since way too much work!

If only you could take the place of Linda.  Also, I would love if mega boobs was a more permanent thing.

haha, there may still be a chance for that! And yes, mega boobs that you can bring around will eventually be a thing!

perhaps linda gets more control over her powers and becomes the npc to handle the changes.

and also pls make more content i just love this game you are like my best game creator everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I definitely will! And thanks!

can you add content of arlene in the bdsm duengeon preety plssssssssssssssssssssss

Her time will come!

Awesome loving the consistency :)

Thank you! Drawing meat parasites is one of my favourites~