LD+ r31.0b released on Patreon!

LD+ r31.0b is now out on Patreon! Super content heavy release this time!




-Added Meat Parasite Nest

-Added scene if attempt to train magic while Rinny's with you

-Added scene if play with Gin while having hypersensitive nipples

-Added scene if milk at milk farm while having hypersensitive nipples

-Added shortcut point for Forest Park

-Added wearing certain items when have hooves

-Added hooves version for gimp suit

-Made sleepiness easier to trigger

-Changed order of stats from states in menu

-Changed preggers shrine to include male preggers

-Fixed being able to do ankle stocks scenes as subbe while having hooves

-Fixed being unable to complete manor quest while having hooves

-Fixed infected female giving meat parasite when crotch blocked

-Fixed being unable to remove parasites at tower if didn't activate it in time

-Fixed issues when pursuing Mistyra with parasites

-Fixed issues with furry Mistyra crotch pose

-Fixed being aroused not increasing ero

-Fixed continuity issues with training Gin while having hooves

-Fixed issue with Fawn revenge inking in condo

-Fixed issue with message history and variables

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By the way I dont know if you want this but with exerciseing and drinking your own milk you can basicaly become an god. (you can exercise while highly aroused)

Just like in real life! XD

Indivi you know what would be a cool idea that if you get striped in battle you lose the clothing so you would have to by more clothing. that would be cool

haha, I don't know, most people might find it annoying XD

u could put it behind a toggle in options ( default = off )

Then everyone would turn it off XD

Idk about others, but I would turn it on

I would too