LD+ r30.0b released on Patreon!

LD+ r30.0b is now out on Patreon!




-Added to private dungeon, domming Fawn in ankle stocks

-Added feets scenes to private dungeon, domming and subbing to Fawn in bed

-Added shibari facesitting scene in BDSM club

-Added lactation scene when captured by Mistyra

-Added hooves leg option

-Adjusted history log to work properly on mobile

-Adjusted positioning for Fawn cock and balls

-Adjusted Fawn furry portrait when wearing onesies

-Fixed several issues with history log

-Fixed several instances of not gaining RES exp during battle

-Fixed issue with graphics not changing when becoming aroused

-Fixed being able to collect Stinger bug venom without a bottle

-Fixed using Tol instead of Res in meat wall squeeze

-Fixed not getting nude proper when going through meat wall squeeze

-Fixed shibari graphics

-Fixed some plot related discrepancies/loopholes with Cless and Linda

-Fixed certain initial milk farm events not working

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yay the 7th cant wait

It's out now!

I have a small suggestion could you add a option to input Random name generator into the game because i'm just realy bad at making names 

You can just use the default name XD

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Where is the LD+ r30?

I can't download 


It's only on Patreon at the moment! It'll be out to public on the seventh of next month!