Lust Doll Plus r29.2 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r29.2!

Not as much content this time, as a lot of time ended up being necessary for implementing a new system! You can now press shift/click the Log button to get a log of previously seen messages! Since I only just managed to put it together, it's likely to be somewhat buggy, so I'll be fine-tuning it for future releases.


-Fixed bug with using side-arrows to scroll menus


-Implemented message log

-Adjusted portrait repositioning code

-Fixed not being able to repeat medical class on NG+

-Adjusted Mistyra meat wall graphic

-Fixed issues with meat parasite wall squeeze scene

-Fixed Fawn furry foot pose expression

-Fixed back button not working when gifting items

-Fixed issues with meat parasite clothes not being removed after Mistyra fight

-Added upside-down milk drip graphics when lactating while upside-down


-Added to private dungeon, subbing to Fawn in ankle stocks

-Added Bell event with Pixie

-Added small part to meat parasite route

-Adjusted NPC portrait offset and re-centering code

-Fixed Cless's talk after conceiving his baby

-Fixed Hypersensitive Nipples returning after curing it

-Fixed having Rinny carry you during Grave Hands encounter

-Allow access to equips in private dungeon

-Fixed issue with Fawn's clothes in private dungeon

-Fixed shibari reapplying after getting removed

-Fixed being able to fap in original condo without being aroused

-Fixed Cassie showing up in milk farm when she's not available

-Fixed Rinny questions when crotch/butt inaccessible

-Fixed Pixie feed pets when crotch inaccessible

-Fixed text issue during Sana Miki hospitalization event

-Fixed preg issue with lower undies

-Fixed clothing checks for bandit girl scenes

-Fixed instances of losing bondage blindfold if used on Fawn in private dungeon

-Fixed softlock if surrender to female infected while mouth locked

-Fixed not being able to trigger meat parasite scene with Fawn

-Fixed Cassie untying after full body licking in private dungeon


Lust Doll Plus r29.2 (Android).apk 160 MB
Sep 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r29.2 (Linux).zip 258 MB
Sep 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r29.2 (Mac).zip 351 MB
Sep 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r29.2 (Win).zip 216 MB
Sep 07, 2021

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Enjoying the game so far and just redownloaded today after forgetting about it for half a year and fist day in I get a strange dream. Just curious if it is just filler story or does it have an actual function to the game? Thanks in advance.

Welcome back! And wow, congrats on getting the dream so quickly XD. It indeed serves a purpose! One of the named NPCs can help you out with that

Ahh. I see. Indeed will be a challenge I am up for. Just one more question. Is said NPC in the game yet?


I have a question about version r30.0 is it going to be released on

Yes, on the 7th of the next month!

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How do you sub to fawn while wearing the ankle stocks? I cant seem to figure it out

Edit: nevermind I mixed ankle stocks and ankle manacles 

Haha, a common mistake!


how do you get the sex scene with cless?

Try getting 'injured' during the mission he gives you!

Is there a scene where you actually have sex with him or is it just the hypersensitivite nipple removal?

Deleted 2 years ago

Hi ! So I played this game often on my Chrome brower because my Android can't run the game if I install the .apk

Now 29.2 is out and Newgrounds doesn't accept my Browser anymore, at least for this game. Chrome is updated.

I played on 28.1 before the update and everything was fine, my game was running smoothly on Chrome and I had my previus save states every update. As long as the tab with the prior version is opened I can play on 28.1.

Is there anyway to fix it or it's Game Over for me?


I'm afraid it's out of my hands. It sounds like android and Apple pushed out some sort of update that's now causing this issue. I'll post if a fix is found

Oh  :(

Thank you anyway


It turns out it was just a setting that got reset. It should be fixed now!

It does, thank you ^^


Good update, glad these many bugs seem to be fixed. Have noticed one new one, though: those guard orbs in upper new ark are broken, if you become indecent/nude and they catch you, now the game just freezes rather than giving you a chance to fix it or run or fight the guard.

In addition to that, now that there aren't so many serious bugs all over the place, I finally did stuff with Sana and Miki, and noticed a couple small issues there. One is, if you talk to one of them while naked, after displaying their appropriate message for that, they will then also display the "Hi, [name]! Did you come to visit?" message. The other is, during one of the sex scenes, it mentions "pebbled pink skin"; no part of my character's skin is pink, so that should probably fixed with some reference to the actual selected skin color (white/light grey in the case of my character).

Thanks! And I will look into those bugs!


So does Cless have a route now? If so how do I acess it?

He has a couple scenes, but no real defined route yet though! That might change down the line!