Lust Doll+ r29.0b released on patreon!

Lust Doll+ r29.0b released on patreon!


-Added to private dungeon, subbing to Fawn in ankle stocks

-Added Bell event with Pixie

-Added small part to meat parasite route

-Adjusted NPC portrait offset and re-centering code

-Fixed Cless's talk after conceiving his baby

-Fixed Hypersensitive Nipples returning after curing it

-Fixed having Rinny carry you during Grave Hands encounter

-Allow access to equips in private dungeon

-Fixed issue with Fawn's clothes in private dungeon

-Fixed shibari reapplying after getting removed

-Fixed being able to fap in original condo without being aroused

-Fixed Cassie showing up in milk farm when she's not available

-Fixed Rinny questions when crotch/butt inaccessible

-Fixed Pixie feed pets when crotch inaccessible

-Fixed text issue during Sana Miki hospitalization event

-Fixed preg issue with lower undies

-Fixed clothing checks for bandit girl scenes

-Fixed instances of losing bondage blindfold if used on Fawn in private dungeon

-Fixed softlock if surrender to female infected while mouth locked

-Fixed not being able to trigger meat parasite scene with Fawn

-Fixed Cassie untying after full body licking in private dungeon

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Dpes anyone know why 0.29 upadate isn't out yet?