Lust Doll Plus r28.0 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r28.0!


-Added to private dungeon, domming Fawn in bed

-Added events for Cless

-Added events for Sana and Miki

-Revised Cless's portrait

-Implemented method to remove extra spaces from ends of certain text

-Fixed Fawn staying blindfolded outside of private dungeon

-Fixed issues with checking for certain clothes

-Added function for checking for certain items

-Fixed shibari graphics

-Fixed don hideout toilet

-Fixed Fawn not getting revenge for drawing on her

-Fixed bug where removing parasites can have them come back

-Fixed cumflation not showing round belly

-Fixed side hud numbers acting weird when buying onesies

-Fixed inviting Fawn to private dungeon without actually having it

-Fixed not seeing delete savefiles in options menu on android

-Fixed not being able to set custom save labels on android

-Fixed issues with volume bar in options

-Fixed nipple wear being offset when bent over

-Fixed Fawn's clothes when meeting in diner while she's pregnant

-Fixed clothes being displaced when doing bar holding scene

-Fixed instances of cumflation being treated as pregnant

-Changed not wearing upper body clothing to be indecent regardless of breasts


Lust Doll Plus r28.0 (Android).apk 159 MB
Aug 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r28.0 (Linux).zip 257 MB
Aug 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r28.0 (Mac).zip 349 MB
Aug 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r28.0 (Win).zip 214 MB
Aug 07, 2021

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im wondering it says male pregnancy and i used the fertility pill but didnt get pregnant is that a bug or... would just like to not have to play as a futa to do so tbh

Fertility pill is meant for female pregnancy! Male pregnancy is done another way, much later on a certain route

Hi how does pregnancy work? I've only managed to get pregnant with a slime baby, how do we get other people pregnant and are we able to get pregnant from the bulls at the milk farm?


It randomly happens when you take cream pies! Buying and using fertility pills will boost that chance to 100%! Certain NPCs can get pregnant if you give them fertility pills, but usually you need to complete their initial routes first! Can't get pregnant from the bulls yet, but it's planned!

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Awesome, I was also wondering is cumflation only from the monsters in the science lab, and do the special clothes with the flute have a purpose, like can you give them to someone? Or are they for personal use? And how do you learn magic? Sorry for all the questions


For now, only the monsters in the science Lab! Special clothes are just yours for now, but maybe can give them to others in the future! For learning magic, you'll want to head to the succubus Tower in Transylvania! And no worries!

How do we do Marin's revenge part 2? I keep getting caught by the purple chick? And how do I start the biology class route? I took the class once and the a few more times but don't know what to do from there


You need to bring Rinny with you!

You need to do the medical class, then talk to the professor! There's not that much content for him yet, so check your logbook to see if you've done everything!


Hi there! Im a big fan of the game and have been a fan of your work for ages! I hope its ok if i ask a few things?

1: Cless is such a sweet character! Will there be more of this sweet boy in the future?
2: Is the science lab route and the meat parasite route the same route? (im worried im misunderstanding things)

Sorry to annoy you with these questions! And thank you for working on this game!


Thanks, I'm happy to hear it!

1 glad you like him! Yes, he's definitely got more stuff planned for later on!

2 for the most part, yes!

No worries, you're welcome!

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will there be new larger chest sizes or just the addition of megaboobs/cock?
(still a awesome game)

megaboobs will be the main thing! More breasts sizes makes a huge amount of work for me involving clothing, so it's less likely to happen!

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Oohh oki oki, I really do understand because you going to have to change every single clothes for that, I was pretty sure for megaboobs only because of the amount of work you already have, create a game is very hard.. I always wonder how you manage to find your way in the coding of the game, because it's a really impressive game.
thank you for have answer and I wish you a good courage for the continuation of your work ^^

(btw, I did what you tell me to do for Cassie's road (my message is in Save Updater) but.. I couldn't find how to activate the script, nothing happen, probably because I can't force anymore the guard.. don't know why, sorry to be dumb)

Thank you! I've been at it a really long time, so I thankfully know my way around for the most part. For Cassie, after forcing past the guard, sleep, then return there!

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I thank you too, your game is beautiful.

You're really good at navigating your way through this huge game, but I'm wondering, how do you just... keep the rhythm?

because with each update, many things change and others are added, it would mean that you spend all your days coding without resting...?

And thanks for the help, I'll try it right away

You're welcome, I'm glad you're enjoying it so much!

And to be honest, I do work on it mostly every day, and haven't taken a vacation in years haha. It can be rough, but I do want to see this game be the best it can be.

Some days I do take breaks though.

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So I've played this game through a bit but had a couple of questions about things. If I can get an answer to anything, I will be absolutely overjoyed!

1. Bell wears overalls, is there a location to buy overalls/one pieces/onesies? I haven't found anything yet other than the gimp suit.

2. After getting the private dungeon and getting Cassie to have some fun, I still only have the ankle stocks and a couple of items to use here. Are there any other great items or pieces of equipment I've missed somewhere that I can go get? I know the pillory stocks aren't finished yet.

3. Are there fake penises in the game? Strap-ons, magic or something?

4. Who teaches you skills? I have yet to learn a skill. I learnt some magic from Rinny, but that's all so far.

5.  I'm kinda a spanko sometimes lol... Are there any spanking implements to be bought in the game? I found a whip, but nothing else so far.

Thanks so much in advance!

Edit: I knew I would forget something! I made Alissa feel like a useless bum and now I can't fix her and I feel bad.  :(  Any help with that?

1 there are onesies in the game now! As for the others, potentially down the line!

2 afraid that's it for the time being. It's surprisingly a lot of work to set up, on top of doing story stuff, so it's been slow going!

3 there's a dildo you can buy, and magic to grow cock!

4 Rinny is the main one, but Sammy and LinLin can teach you passives!

5 I could see about a riding crop XD

haha, got to wait for me to update Alissa's route, I'm afraid! We'll help her out in due time!

You're doing great! <3 I just didn't know if I was doing something wrong or if things weren't implemented yet.

Take your time, I know this stuff is hard going, but you're doing a wonderful job so far.

As for the onesies, where do you buy them? I still haven't found where.

Thanks, I appreciate it! For onesies, you'll need to head to upper new Ark!

I got issue with gimp suit with pregnancy on. Graphic Issue.

Got it, it's fixed in the latest!

Looks like some of Sana and Miki's dialogue is mixed up - "When they're done cleaning your upper body..." is in the wrong place

Thanks, I'll fix that!

I been a fan of your work and enjoy the game a lot, so I know this is probably a lot to ask for, but I got two questions. 1. When will there be an option to allow the player to raise a family? 2. Will there be an event for Sammy to get pregnant?

Glad to hear!

1 during NPC's good endings, this will be likely!

2 for sure, when she gets her own route!

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How many times can you visit sana and miki for the event?

It's a repeatable event, but you need to sleep for it to activate again!

K thxs

Another bug report, this time with literal bugs! After doing the event with beating those stingers in the forest for their venom, and getting stung in the process (won 3 fights against them, thus collecting 3 bottles, before surrendering to a 4th one), I got the hypersensitive nipples status after sleeping. Did the scene to get it fixed when I turned in the quest. The problem is... after sleeping again, the status comes back again as if I'd gotten stung again. Went back to upper new ark to buy the other scene to fix it, but it wasn't permanent either. I guess, whatever flag you have to check if the player has ever been stung never gets unchecked?

Thanks, it's bugged, yeah. I'll fix it!

I was hoping that this update would fix my problem, but it's still not working fine. On my mobile phone the game screen blinks / vibrates, usually seeming like it wanna shrink into the lower left corner. This issue is present on the main menu, and ingame too. I have made a video demonstrating the issue, if necessary will provide that. I don't want to do a clean install, as that would mean losing my save files (unless those are stored elsewhere); so is there anything I can do to fix this?

That's really weird. Unfortunately, I'm not sure even a fresh install will work, as this sounds like a graphics drivers issue. You can try updating your drivers, and see if that helps

Is there a way to get a permanant pass into Upper New Ark?

mb in future update then complete route with Fawn or add some new in UNA(still no some route for church, city hall...)

Is there any way to know what counterfeit pass will work or is it all a crapshoot?

I wasn't even aware any of the counterfeit passes could ever work; the way to get into Upper New Ark consistently is, after getting a counterfeit pass, also buy some pens at the hardware store, then tinker the two items together at certain spots (cassie's safehouse has a spot for this). If you succeed the stat check, you'll get a high quality counterfeit pass that always works, and if you fail, all that happens is you lose the two items (which, you would have lost the pass anyway if you tried to use it I think, and the pens cost almost nothing). Note that you will need to make a new pass every time you want to go up there though (at least right now).

The other consistent method is to carry a counterfeit on you when visiting Lin Lin. She will find it and mock you for it, but then recommend you to the tatoo parlor, which can upgrade it for 500 credits without fail.

Also, I didn't know that you could do it yourself, so thanks for that info! :3

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Thank you so much for the info! They do work sometimes but like I said it's a total crapshoot.

How did you find out about the solution with the pen?

Having pens and counterfeits on hand (I always keep  around at least one spare of every consumable I can, just in case), going to one of the tinkering spots, and trying absolutely everything together to see what had results. Got some other good stuff this way (fairy dust in particular has several uses), but the high quality passes is by far the best use of these spots. Knew about Bearmarshal's Lin Lin solution too, and did that one the first time, but doing it yourself is far, far cheaper.

Finally get event with Sana and Miki,but what's else here?

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How do you trigger the event?

Go to  College and take Biology Class(first need complete route with bug) and DON'T DODGE...then you will get in Hospital and chose first block(second it's will surprise for you) and then voilà. Enjoy!

Thank you friend.

Still having issues with panties causing the game to freeze. It's fixed for normal cases now, but after getting cumflated, it breaks.

Try this!

how do i get the sana and miki event and who is cless

Not sure myself as to the Sana and Miki event, though I suspect it has something to do with being infected by a meat parasite. Cless is the new NPC at the UNA College. Hope this helps.

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the meat parasites are gross edit: wait can you even still get them after completing the new part of the science labs route?

I was actually just able to. I used seek in the abandoned base. However I haven't tried to get into UNA yet cause I couldn't figure out how to remove the indecent status.

maybe you have to be on low health or hungover?

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maybe. Ill try it out. Okay I just saw another comment that basically says you have to get stung by the stinger bug.

On new grounds, game crashes once I try to enter upper new ark. Failed to load: data/Map148.json

Weird, it should be there. Maybe try refreshing/making sure nothing else is running while you play

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it maybe going to be.. useless, but the wiki can't help me..
how can I gain Cassie's trust?
i'm stuck and i don't know what to do..
help, please..?

You need to do Cassie's route. To start it, visit the slums and force pass the toll guy, then sleep and return to the slums!

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Oki so, I've talk to Don, and he told me to bring Cassie's back to him, I've talk about Don to Cassie, and... now I don't know what else to do, she told she won't go back to him but, what should I do now, i still have the same answer after..

Sleep, then go see Cassie!