Lust Doll Plus r27.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, Lust Doll Plus r27.1 is now out to public!


-Fixed bug where Fawn won't have unique dialogue for pregnant player

-Fixed underwear not being removed after Marin's 1st challenge

-Fixed graphics for shibari when pregnant

-Fixed missing crotch parasite graphic when sitting

-Fixed softlock when doing Pixie's pets with Rinny

-Fixed softlock when fighting Whisperers with locked clothing

-Fixed issue with auto-equip Subbe Collar when neck is blocked

-Fixed Rinny inconsistencies with player having cock


-Added science lab tower extended bad end

-Added several more animal onesies

-Added shibari graphics for bent over pose

-Added gallery exhibitionism scene

-Added new male NPC to UNA college

-Added Fawn to private dungeon

-Disabled auto-cumming at max lust

-Fixed meeting Rinny randomly when she's supposed to be tied up

-Fixed meat parasite staying on face after female infected fight

-Fixed milk farm intro text repeating

-Fixed issues with crashes from not undressing before certain poses

-Fixed softlock issue with Succubus Teacher trying to remove unremoveable clothes

-Fixed Linda always reverting to non-furry

-Fixed chest tattoo being cut off in certain poses

-Fixed cock/tits not appearing during Mistyra bad end

-Revised Mistyra's furry portrait

-Changed auto-cumming at 100 lust to not happen under certain criteria

-Added missing hair graphics for hoodie

-Fixed using 100 lust to bypass elevator fight

-Fixed running being disabled after elevator fight

-Fixed storage freezing when touch buttons disabled

-Fixed living clothes not being removed after event

-Fixed not actually escaping from milk farm during first visit

-Fixed discolouration issues with certain white body parts

-Fixed not being able to play the flute while blinded but not gagged


Lust Doll Plus r27.1 (Android).apk 158 MB
Jul 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r27.1 (Linux).zip 256 MB
Jul 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r27.1 (Mac).zip 349 MB
Jul 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r27.1 (Win).zip 214 MB
Jul 07, 2021

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can't see UNA passes in Blackmarket Junk store

I'm using r27.1

Get the hobo that accepts food to like you! When you sleep, he'll reset, giving you a new hint!

that sample image scares me, the jumper is so thicc

cushion for the pushing!

can't see Fawn at condo

after living together, only seeing her at torture rack

Have you tried sleeping at the condo?

Yes, I tried, but still.

Yes, I tried, but still.

Hmm, your save might be bugged. You'll have to do a NG+ to fix it, unfortunately

OK Thanks, well enjoying the story again will be fun( not being sarcastic).

You're welcome, and glad to hear it!


I'm getting a failed to load CrotchlessPantiesBlack1preg error on Android

(1 edit)

Can confirm, some of the Lower Undies items are now broken. Possibly all of them, I've only tried 3 and they all froze the game up. Black leggings is another one, as is regular black panties. Also, the graphics for the shibari rope appears glitched; it doesn't cause a crash, but it's clearly using the wrong pose.

It'll be fixed next release!

Whats means with animals onesises?

It's a clothing option you can buy!

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I have a little question, when the update with mega boobs/cock will be out, would it be a way to have a mega cook but for the Furry, like actualy, there's the horse cock and the dog cock (sadly not the knock and dragon one) would it be a way to have mega cock for Furry dick?

Hmm, I can see about it!

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Thank you ^^

How do you domm Fawn?

Get the private dungeon, finish her route, then gain her trust!

how do I gain her trust?

Do the shibari event after her route!

It's certainly difficult preparing for the Lab Elevator encounter. Even after raising stats up a few more points, It's a challenge. But I'll figure it out at some point and beat it.

You can try using electricity against it, but be careful about doing it too much!

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Encountered a image loading error of my own with  Shibari rope with fawn after doing it, it not letting me wear any underwear and will give me a loading error it doesn't bother me cause I can still go pass the part but I thought i would let  you know and love your game.

Thanks, it'll be fixed next release!

Could it be that fawn doesn't spawn in una college any more? And if so, why?

She currently only appears there when it's appropriate in her route. Make sure you talk to everyone relevant if that's where you're at! Otherwise, she doesn't appear there randomly (yet)

Encountered a image loading error when trying Shibari with Fawn: There is no image file for when the player stat is "thicc" and "pregnant".

Thanks, I'll fix it!

trying to talk to the male at the UNA college on the plus but no event seems to happen how does it work?

He's not quite ready yet. Working on him!

if I get the new version do my save transfer

Yes, it transfers automatically!

can I delete the old versions folder


I'm using linux and updated from a few versions ago, and not only is my old save broken (which I can deal with), but in both 26.1 and 27.1 the background behind my character portrait has been shifted to the left, partially obscuring the map, and my stat bars stretch off the screen to the right. I can't seem to find any graphics option which would fix this..

You need to reset the background manually, just go to any new area to fix it! The stat bars are actually like that on purpose! They look to be cut off, but they actually end right on the edge!