Lust Doll+ r27.0b is out!

Lust Doll r27.0b is now out on Patreon!



-Added science lab tower extended bad end

-Added several more animal onesies

-Added shibari graphics for bent over pose

-Added gallery exhibitionism scene

-Added new male NPC to UNA college

-Added Fawn to private dungeon

-Disabled auto-cumming at max lust

-Fixed meeting Rinny randomly when she's supposed to be tied up

-Fixed meat parasite staying on face after female infected fight

-Fixed milk farm intro text repeating

-Fixed issues with crashes from not undressing before certain poses

-Fixed softlock issue with Succubus Teacher trying to remove unremoveable clothes

-Fixed Linda always reverting to non-furry

-Fixed chest tattoo being cut off in certain poses

-Fixed cock/tits not appearing during Mistyra bad end

-Revised Mistyra's furry portrait

-Changed auto-cumming at 100 lust to not happen under certain criteria

-Added missing hair graphics for hoodie

-Fixed using 100 lust to bypass elevator fight

-Fixed running being disabled after elevator fight

-Fixed storage freezing when touch buttons disabled

-Fixed living clothes not being removed after event

-Fixed not actually escaping from milk farm during first visit

-Fixed discolouration issues with certain white body parts

-Fixed not being able to play the flute while blinded but not gagged

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