Lust Doll Plus r26.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r26.1!


-Added graphics for unremovable clothing with different poses

-Fixed being able to encounter Mistyra after unlocking Science Lab Tower

-Fixed shoes appearing under gimp suit

-Fixed issue with chance based stat checks not working properly

-Fixed missing ear graphics when wearing onesies

-Fixed bugs with scenes in Pixie's hideout

-Fixed meat parasite staying on face after female infected fight

-Fixed visibility error with mobile buttons in options menu

-Fixed issue with not removing parasites properly during Mistyra's scenes

-Fixed not being able to untie shibari bind

-Fixed sitting feet up pose when thicc

-Fixed body parts criteria not working properly


-Continued meat parasite route

-Added Rinny hangover scene

-Expanded on Gin and Cassie's events

-Added several PJ Onesies to UNA store

-Can't sleep if highly aroused

-Implemented method to not remove locked clothing during many scenes

-Implemented option to always use custom save labels instead of default ones (under options)

-Fixed game crash bug when inputting name on android

-Fixed fairy queen scene pose having chair instead of plant

-Fixed bug with thicc pussy wear

-Fixed several instances of cutscene map transfers not working

-Fixed bug with Fawn's resources loading incorrectly

-Fixed issue with touch input not clearing on save screen

-Fixed spacing of choicelist end text on android

-Fixed Gin's cock still being visible after getting dressed

-Fixed clothes shop preview not being removed after leaving menu on android

-Implemented fix for being stuck in wall inside doubles condo

-Fixed loading issues with Gin

-Fixed Fawn retaining face scribbles

-Fixed bug preventing backing out of Cassie's conversation on Android

-Fixed being unable to leave Milk Farm first time you enter

-Fixed stat bars being filled in incorrectly

-Increased buffer time for NPC portrait to re-center

-Fixed Gin training menu crash

-Tweaked closet storage menu's touch response

-Fixed couch disappearing when fapping with Fawn

-Pussy vibrator now shows with lower clothes


Lust Doll Plus r26.1 (Android).apk 156 MB
Jun 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r26.1 (Linux).zip 254 MB
Jun 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r26.1 (Mac).zip 347 MB
Jun 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r26.1 (Win).zip 212 MB
Jun 07, 2021

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Deleted 2 years ago

Not yet, but it'll come!

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thanks for have answer ^^
oh and, is there a way to download the new version without lost my progresion?
(ps: sorry for my english, i'm french)

No problem! And don't worry, the save file will automatically transfer over!

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Oki oki, thank you ^^
By the way, your game is awesome, you done an amazine work!!
Keep up ^^

You're welcome, and thanks!

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Indivi there a problem 

i get take down by an infected scientist and this error shows up so i check the files and this png don't exist in the archives still i dont know what happens just sending

if the problem has already been solved in the new version just let me know 

Thanks, I think it's fixed in r27, but if not, definitely r28

I keep getting this when i try to do the meat parasite 

Thanks, it'll be fixed!

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Are old saves compatible 

Sort of yes. If it's from really long ago, it's more likely to have bugs/not work. But more recent saves should transfer automatically!