Lust Doll r26.0b is out!

Lust Doll r26.0b is now out on Patreon!

Fixed most of the major bugs from last release. There should only be a few big ones left, and of course I'll be working on hunting them down and fixing them too!

Content wise, you can now do the next part of the meat parasite route! I've also expanded parts of Gin and Cassie's content. Gin has a few new scenes now, and Cassie can now be found elsewhere when she's not in the safe house.

Rinny will also now cure hangovers. This is also much easier to get to compare to the other NPCs, as you'll only need to have reached the succubus tower to access it.

Also something else really big, I've gone back through the whole game (for the second time) and revised the criteria check, so that now if certain parts of your body is blocked off (say because of living clothes, or meat parasites), then that'll prevent appropriate scenes from happening. This should make more sense given the unremovable nature of those clothes, and will also allow for chastity content down the road~. I might've missed some checks though, so please let me know if you spot any that don't make sense!

As well, you can now set individual save files to always use a custom label instead of having to long press every time!


-Continued meat parasite route

-Added Rinny hangover scene

-Expanded on Gin and Cassie's events

-Added several PJ Onesies to UNA store

-Can't sleep if highly aroused

-Implemented method to not remove locked clothing during many scenes

-Implemented option to always use custom save labels instead of default ones (under options)

-Fixed game crash bug when inputting name on android

-Fixed fairy queen scene pose having chair instead of plant

-Fixed bug with thicc pussy wear

-Fixed several instances of cutscene map transfers not working

-Fixed bug with Fawn's resources loading incorrectly

-Fixed issue with touch input not clearing on save screen

-Fixed spacing of choicelist end text on android

-Fixed Gin's cock still being visible after getting dressed

-Fixed clothes shop preview not being removed after leaving menu on android

-Implemented fix for being stuck in wall inside doubles condo

-Fixed loading issues with Gin

-Fixed Fawn retaining face scribbles

-Fixed bug preventing backing out of Cassie's conversation on Android

-Fixed being unable to leave Milk Farm first time you enter

-Fixed stat bars being filled in incorrectly

-Increased buffer time for NPC portrait to re-center

-Fixed Gin training menu crash

-Tweaked closet storage menu's touch response

-Fixed couch disappearing when fapping with Fawn

-Pussy vibrator now shows with lower clothes

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how to remove face parasite. Does it affect any scenes?

Sorry, that's a bug. It should be removed next release!

I'm fairly new to this game, and havn't played in a while. Is there a way to import my saved game from an older version?

At this point, probably better just to start a new game!

I just download and launch and somehow new version already sees my old saves

(1 edit)

Found this bug

(even then change wear set shibari left on body)

woops! Checked Patreon page and update to 26.1b - all fine!

Yep, will be fixed next release!