Lust Doll Plus r25.1 released to public!

Here's Lust Doll Plus r25.1! This is the first release with widescreen capabilities, so there might be some graphical weirdness going on with ported save files, but it'll fix itself once you walk around a bit!


-Fixed Sammy's foot being hidden by player graphics

-Fixed sidehud stats not showing when loading older saves

-Fixed issue with requiring wrong parts for scenes

-Fixed strip club entry dialogue options being flipped

-Fixed hitbox for buying items on android

-Fixed several NPC portrait re-centering glitches

-Fixed Alissa arming herself after play

-Fixed wearing pussy vibe when thicc

-Fixed pussy going over shibari rope

-Fixed bugs with Fawn parasite scene


-Implemented widescreen, increasing screensize and map width by 2 tiles

-Added small continuation to Alissa's route

-Added several fetish scenes for Gin

-Can now adjust NPC clothing when subbing to them in private dungeon

-Revised side-hud to show more information

-Revised status window to be scrollable when have too many status modifiers

-Added 40 more outfit slots

-Revised storage system to allow storing and retrieving simultaneously, instead of separately

-Mobile scroll buttons now only show when selectable

-Mobile scroll buttons can now be held down

-NPC portraits now re-center when appropriate

-No longer have to return to the city to travel to different locations

-Implemented method for memorizing last chosen choice with choice lists of varying length

-Added Wide Brim Hats to UNA hat store

-Added Wide Bowl Hats, Pants, Ankle and Wrist Manacles, and several earrings to Underground Mall store

-Added Strapless Tops to Transylvania store

-Added 2 pussy variations

-Fixed bug where Arlene's scene always happens in double condo

-Fixed floating eyebrows on new game

-Fixed bug allowing sleeping in certain beds when hungover

-Fixed bug where Linda's furry shrine won't work properly after lab tower changes

-Fixed issue with screen not undimming after certain events

-Fixed Fawn bar-holding scene

-Fixed Mistyra's bad end not working

-Fixed issues with Refinery

-Fixed lots of misc bugs

-Fixed using milk pump in UNA

-Fixed Fawn's pregger tie collar graphic

-Revised Fawn's pregger graphics

-Fixed Fawn graphics during player shibari subbe scene while she's pregnant

-Plain Robe now hides lower body clothes. Fancy dresses now block lower wear

-Fixed thicc version of Ephemeral Dress


Lust Doll Plus r25.1 (Android).apk 152 MB
May 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r25.1 (Linux).zip 250 MB
May 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r25.1 (Mac).zip 342 MB
May 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r25.1 (Win).zip 208 MB
May 07, 2021

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i do see a lot of bug reports not like they are wrong but you do deserver some compliment the game is awesome easily my top 1 just waiting for the next public version to come :)

Thank you, it's definitely appreciated! And yeah, there's a lot of bugs, because I made some pretty drastic changes the last 2 releases haha

Loaded into save from r24.1 into r25.1 and found that I'm stuck in the nightstand in the condo.

Haha, oops. Download the previous version, move somewhere else, then save and update:

For convenience, here's r24


Thanks! It worked. I didn't need to download the previous version just needed to reinstall it.

Glad to hear!

The game just doesnt load, no error, just nothing. Any ideas?

What device are you playing on?

Was going to comment on the new bugs introduced in this version, but I see other people have already beaten me to it. So instead, while I wait for this to be fixed, I'll leave another suggestion. For Android players like myself, could you put in an option in Settings to toggle between the new and old interface? Though I can see how some people would like the new interface, I prefer the old one.

It's okay to give repeat bug reports. Helps me figure out whether it's only happening to one person, or a lot of people. Unfortunately, it's not possible to go back to the old interface anymore. Sorry!

(1 edit)

gins new route wont show any options when training him after he returns and it crashes the game when you leave the area when youre training him

Thanks, I'll fix that!

Didn't have much time to play yet, just jumped in with a new character and experienced a few bugs/glitches.

  • Immediately after defeating the bandit girl in combat her clothes jumped off of her and to the right. This only happened on my first encounter with her though.
  • Once I'd made my first manual save, the game now always selects that save slot when opening the save menu, which then immediately closes. A restart of the game didn't fix it for me.
  • Not really a bug, but that statbar needs a bit of padding. It's visually very distracting having the bars end directly against the edge of the "painted" area. Is it supposed to still have these two small black bars on the side in 16:9?

All that aside, great update judging by the patchnotes. Can't wait to sit down and play through it.

Thanks, will look into!

stat bar being off of the edge is more of a stylistic choice. Had a lot of people think it's weird though so I'll see.

And thanks, glad you're enjoying it!

How to trigger and process Alissa and Gin's route?

For Alissa, finish Cassie's route, then capture a bandit girl!

For Gin, have male partners enabled, then lewd a wildcat!

I mean how to progress in this update

For Alissa, search the abandoned town!

For Gin, keep training him till something happens! Also note that he potentially has a game breaking bug, so save before talking!

So we confess Alissa and she says that she is useless and that's all?


For now! It's just setting up her route for later!

i tried loading into one of my old save files from last one, but i got an error, failed to load: img/pictures/wpussy-dildoribbed1-thicc.png (windows 10) i just tried loading in

Thanks, I'll fix it!

(1 edit)

Updated Lust Doll Plus r24.1 (Win) to Lust Doll Plus r25.1 (Win)

MC was pregnant Early Stage in 24.1; to Late Stage in 25.1

Delivery of baby in Nursery:

Failed to load: img/pictures/wpussy-VenusPussyGold1-thicc.png

(Windows 10)

Edit: best to unequip the Gold Venus; otherwise the error'll pop up during sex scenes.

Thanks, I'll fix it!