Lust Doll Plus r25.0b released on Patreon!

Lust Doll Plus r25.0b released on Patreon!



-Implemented widescreen, increasing screensize and map width by 2 tiles

-Added small continuation to Alissa's route

-Added several fetish scenes for Gin

-Can now adjust NPC clothing when subbing to them in private dungeon

-Revised side-hud to show more information

-Revised status window to be scrollable when have too many status modifiers

-Added 40 more outfit slots

-Revised storage system to allow storing and retrieving simultaneously, instead of separately

-Mobile scroll buttons now only show when selectable

-Mobile scroll buttons can now be held down

-NPC portraits now re-center when appropriate

-No longer have to return to the city to travel to different locations

-Implemented method for memorizing last chosen choice with choice lists of varying length

-Added Wide Brim Hats to UNA hat store

-Added Wide Bowl Hats, Pants, Ankle and Wrist Manacles, and several earrings to Underground Mall store

-Added Strapless Tops to Transylvania store

-Added 2 pussy variations

-Fixed bug where Arlene's scene always happens in double condo

-Fixed floating eyebrows on new game

-Fixed bug allowing sleeping in certain beds when hungover

-Fixed bug where Linda's furry shrine won't work properly after lab tower changes

-Fixed issue with screen not undimming after certain events

-Fixed Fawn bar-holding scene

-Fixed Mistyra's bad end not working

-Fixed issues with Refinery

-Fixed lots of misc bugs

-Fixed using milk pump in UNA

-Fixed Fawn's pregger tie collar graphic

-Revised Fawn's pregger graphics

-Fixed Fawn graphics during player shibari subbe scene while she's pregnant

-Plain Robe now hides lower body clothes. Fancy dresses now block lower wear

-Fixed thicc version of Ephemeral Dress

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Dude, I can not wait to see how this game will look like when it's complete, it's honestly so good!

Thanks, gonna make it happen!

Are there plans to eventually give Gin some romance action? The sex is fun but I want more of him lmao.


He definitely has his own route planned!


Now that's a welcome change.

-No longer have to return to the city to travel to different locations

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Something strange just found: early I can give Rinny fer.pill and all was fine, but now I have this...

Hmmm, I'll look into it!

Just saw new ver.25.1b - there no problem with fer.pill.

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First time trying it on phone-looks great! But as always here some bugs. I found this

And actually I don't know: it's problem with my touchscreen or in game,but I can't buying something-button don't react

P.S.:on PC all alr...njet,not all:same problem with NPC's,which can remove clothes(watched on bandit girl and wild cat). That's all for now.

 And thank you very much for new wildscreen, continue route with Gin and new stuff for game!)


Thanks, I'll look into it! For buying stuff, the hit box is misaligned. I'll fix it. In the meantime if you press below it, it should work

And you're welcome!