LD+ r24.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, LD+ r24.1 is now up!


-Fixed Bell portrait bugs

-Fixed mobile buttons not reappearing after events

-Fixed Fawn furry preggers portrait

-Fixed Fawn preggers shibari

-Fixed player shibari when pregnant

-Fixed Cassie preggers clothes bugs

-Fixed bug where map transfers during cutscenes don't work


-Added Fawn preggers events

-Added Fawn club parasite scene

-Added bringing Cassie to Milk Farm

-Added random flavor stuff for Cassie, Fawn and Rinny

-Added leadup to next part of meat parasite route

-Reorganized common events

-Fixed bug preventing access to underground ring

-Fixed freeze bug after Bell's story event on iOS

-Fixed Fawn disappearing event

-Fixed Bell furry cross eagled pic on android

-Certain hats now hides bangs properly under brim

-Expanded self-switch functionality

-Fixed renovations not completing

-Fixed Arlene's event not being accessible anymore after switching to doubles condo

-Fixed drunken dueling with Gin when not drunk

-Fixed bug where couch disappears when fapping with Fawn

-Fixed being able to order drinks while hungover

-Fixed bug where game freezes if orgasm while transitioning between maps

-Fixed being able to tie shibari twice

-Prevented tying shibari if wearing living clothing

-Added fix for living clothes removing shibari

-Fixed graphical issues with thicc arm bindings

-Fixed bug allowing random step events to trigger over map events

-Fixed Cassie furry preg belly shading


Lust Doll Plus r24.1 (Android).apk 148 MB
Apr 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r24.1 (Linux).zip 246 MB
Apr 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r24.1 (Mac).zip 339 MB
Apr 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r24.1 (Win).zip 204 MB
Apr 07, 2021

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I can't progress the Fawn pregnancy route. Every time I walk into the bedroom with her on the bed, the Arlene arrest event triggers.

It'll be fixed next release, but if you don't want to wait, disabling female partners will get you through, and then you can reenable it afterwards

Fawn certainly has a lot of outfits, even for her pregnant state it seems!


Yeah, she has particularly more clothes than everyone else right now XD