Lust Doll+ r23.1 is now out!

Hi everyone, Lust Doll+ r23.1 is now out to public!


-Extended rightmost button hitboxes on android

-Removed Fawn disappearing event for now

-Fixed Breast Growth spell being selectable in battle

-Fixed bug where initial milk farm description reappears after event is completed

-Adjusted Spaghetti Straps

-Fixed bent over thicc hips graphics


-Added Fawn shibari event

-Added story event for Bell

-Added Breast Growth spell

-Added becoming drunk and related events

-Added asking Fawn to tie shibari for you to walk around in

-Added setting custom outfit set as sleepwear

-Adjusted Bell's surprised eyes

-Revised Sammy's furry and normal portraits

-Fixed bugs with bandit girl futa scenes

-Fixed Fawn vibe scene at Roxie's diner returning you to old condo if you've unlocked the new one

-Fixed issue with touch controls stopping on events that don't do anything

-Added indecent tag to meat parasite clothes

-Fixed getting into encounters in shop of horrors subspace

-Fixed bug where Fawn gets nude on repeating shibari event

-Changed Virgin Killer Sweaters to block lower wear slot

-Fixed issue with slime appearing over rope

-Added missing pink cowtail graphic

-Added sheets to Fawn sleep event

-Fixed Fawn being gone from doubles condo


Lust Doll Plus r23.1 (Android).apk 147 MB
Mar 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r23.1 (Linux).zip 246 MB
Mar 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r23.1 (Mac).zip 338 MB
Mar 07, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r23.1 (Win).zip 203 MB
Mar 07, 2021

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How do you successfully free yourself from Fawn's ropes during a session at the Torture Rack?

1. struggle fiercely

2. rest

3. struggle fiercely

4. struggle

Thank you!

I was going to ask about what events from being drunk but then I met fawn and oh gosh...why ish so wholesome and I feelbad for fawn! She didn't need too cri. (In other words great job)

Fawn is wonderful~, glad you like her character! Drunk events, mainly talk to certain NPCs! Some will have different options, that will be marked!

how I get this new spell?

Progress Bell's route!

(1 edit)

indivi, i don`t know about the other`s, but I think the old version of furry Sammy was better, it`s only my opinion but please, can you made an option between old and new version?

Unfortunately probably not, sorry! Surprised to hear you preferred the old version though!

Are save games from older versions compatible?



How can I fix this??

I recently decided to try Lust Doll+ Extras, basically a collection of small mods for the game, and conveniently using that instead didn't have this issue.  I'm gonna take a look at the files and see what's different.

ok so I looked at the files, and it seems that it's missing some of the files for the furry version of Bell.  For a temporary fix you can switch her to her human version for this scene.  I just tested it and that worked for me.


Thanks, I'll fix it!