Lust Doll+ r23.0b released on Patreon!

Lust Doll+ r23.0b released on Patreon!

-Added Fawn shibari event
-Added story event for Bell
-Added Breast Growth spell
-Added becoming drunk and related events
-Added asking Fawn to tie shibari for you to walk around in
-Added setting custom outfit set as sleepwear
-Adjusted Bell's surprised eyes
-Revised Sammy's furry and normal portraits
-Fixed bugs with bandit girl futa scenes
-Fixed Fawn vibe scene at Roxie's diner returning you to old condo if you've unlocked the new one
-Fixed issue with touch controls stopping on events that don't do anything
-Added indecent tag to meat parasite clothes
-Fixed getting into encounters in shop of horrors subspace
-Fixed bug where Fawn gets nude on repeating shibari event
-Changed Virgin Killer Sweaters to block lower wear slot
-Fixed issue with slime appearing over rope
-Added missing pink cowtail graphic
-Added sheets to Fawn sleep event
-Fixed Fawn being gone from doubles condo

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ey wanted to hop in here and say that the first time fawn bugged out I thought it was because she had left for her side job and so I thought maybe you can add that as a feature to the game? like if she was only at the torture rack during the day and in the condo at night. anyways it's just a suggestion but I would really appreciate it if you could do something with it


I can make that happen XD

heya just wanted to say i love the game so far and can't wait for the next public release but i had some questions if you don't mind answering
1:Will we be able to use hypnosis/mind control ourselves later down then line since that is one of my favorite kinks
2:Will you add the ability to drag fawn to the dungeon?
and finally 3:will there be a way for players to use kinks on other characters? like bandit girls and fairies?
thank you if you decide to answer i pray development goes well for you

Thanks, I'm glad to hear it! Next release is now out!

1 Maybe! It's something I'll consider~

2 yes, definitely planning on having Fawn for private dungeon!

3 sure? That's a really general question!

Changed Virgin Killer Sweaters to block lower wear slot



yes XD

Deleted 1 year ago

On the 7th! And oof, Fawn, please come home DX!

Arlene might not be for a while, but we'll get there! Patience~.

UNA should be sooner. And yes, looking forward to doing stuff with Sana and Miki~.

Deleted 1 year ago

Hmm? Might be mouse buttons. You can set it in the options!

No worries, it's not annoying at all! I'm always taking suggestions, though no promises I'll use them of course XD.

Deleted 1 year ago

Oh, my bad. That's just for choosing between Fawn's furry and normal portraits. You won't see it if furry is disabled!

Anywhere is fine for ideas! I'll see them regardless~.


when can you get fawn pregnant?

Very soon! Next release!

thank you.

oh nice this is adding to things i asked for, breast growth spell and saving a custom outfit as sleepwear. awesome.

haha, there you go!

(1 edit)

Finally!Thank you!) Just need waiting 2 weeks...

P.S.:tried this version - I guess need back Sammy's portraits...

Not sure I understand, but Sammy's furry portraits were revised!


cant wait for this one to be public next month.... fawn will finally come back with the milk

Haha yes~