LD+ r22.0b released on patreon!


-Added Fawn post-route events
-Added choosing sleepwear
-Added Spotted Cow Ears and Tail
-Can now change ear color to be independent of skin color
-Added Brown Cow clothes to Underground Mall
-Changed so that leaving a partner in private dungeon doesn't warp you back when exiting
-Moved bunch of personal settings in Inner Sanctum
-Fixed bug where if a bandit girl grows a cock, she doesn't retain it next encounter
-Fixed pregnant version of Snow White dress
-Fixed bug allowing player to take classes when tired
-Fixed bug where bathing with Cassie doesn't actually get you clean
-Fixed bug where Rinny teaches you cock growth before drain kiss
-Fixed bug where science lab tower receptionist offers m2f experiment when you're infected with meat parasites
-Fixed bug where can meet Fawn in Roxie's diner after harsh play events
-Fixed using cock growth spell in UNA summoning guard
-Revised character portrait code
-Implemented routine portrait reset, fixing certain graphic bugs
-Changed shaving pubic hairs to not consume a kit if don't actually shave
-Fixed graphical issue during Lin Lin's revenge scene
-Added dark blush for brown skin
-Setup different color text in choice windows
-Fixed bug causing choice windows scrolling to be offset in certain cases
-Fixed bug causing map border to appear over event text markers


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Jan 08, 2021

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Is it just me or cassey's portrait looks a lot cuter in the original lust doll. When she dresses cleanly her portrait looks a bit unnatural... Is it just me?


Surprising to hear, as Cassie's portrait was the first I did in the original, which is over 5 years ago!

(2 edits)

just want to hop in, i also like her old look more, i mean first of all the new clothing is labeled as "dress cleanly" yet her shirt is totally seethrough. but i think its her hips, in the old art she kind of has this meek and demur vibe going that both makes you want to protect as well as bully her a bit. but the new art has give her more a sensual vibe instead, witch is great and all, but we get so many characters like that. her pose difference also affects this. how she has her arms in particular. in the old art she is kind of hiding them behind her like she is really shy, but in the new art there is no trace of that. 

now she also used to look a lot smaller as well, which i feel works well for her character, between the don wanting to make her a pet, and how it worked with the meek nature, but i can see why you would want to make her look bigger to avoid her being considered loli. but he sprite now is makes her bigger than Pixie and Bell, and about the same as the PC or Rinny.

now i can get why the shirt is see through as it is a h game, but ill just have her go back to wearing the cloak if i want her in a lewd outfit. 

maybe just make the waste a bit less thin, and tone down the hips a bit would do the trick.

also would it be possible down the line to get other outfit options for her,  like having her in just her underwear like when you saved her from the don. its kind of a shame that version of the sprite is only in that scene. 

Interesting, didn't think there was such preference for her old design. Yeah, part of it is so that she doesn't seem as loli. I'd disagree about her looking bigger than those characters though, as she's specifically drawn to be short, whereas the others are about average height.

Can definitely get her more clothes. Having her in just her underwear will require her to agree to it first XD.

(1 edit)

What about moving her arms positioning. Right now they are just out to the side, moving them more behind her could give her more of a shy or reserved body language. Its a small thing, but I think it might go a long way. Her more open body language with her arms out, plus the more see through shirt make her seem much bolder and confident, vs the much more reserved shirt and tucking her arms in makes her seem more timid. 

Also about the heights, hearing that I used snipping tool to cut out her box to put her next to several characters to directly compare(used the ragged cloak version as its just ever so slightly shorter). And yeah your right, she is as tall as Alissa (which surprised me). bell is much bigger, as is pixie, though with pixie though her head is higher so is her crotch by a decent amount, so I guess I got the feel Pixie was just higher up in the frame so it was just different levels of zoomed and perspective. I guess I didn't realized the portraits were all the same level of zoom and perspective.  Some feel more zoomed in then others, before putting them side by side I though pixie and bell were every bit as short as Cassie. part of what gave this feel I think is that the portraits aren't the same level of zoom as the character portrait, so I just didn't assume they weren't  standardized, or wait are they the same level of zoom as the character, if so man the player is small. 

She actually is intended to be a little headstrong! Remember, when you first met her, she bared her fangs? It'll be more apparent during her second route!

It's more like they are closer or further away from the 'camera'. If you resize everyone to about the same head size, that'll give you a better idea of how big they are in relation to one another