LD+ r21.0b released on patreon!

LD+ r21.0b released on patreon!



-Finished Fawn's route
-Added THICC body type at fairy grove
-Added Ankle Stocks to Torture Rack club for Cassie
-Added Loafers and Platform Boots to UNA store
-Added Nipple Vibes and Nip Bandages to Underground Mall
-Added Sana and Miki to hospital
-Changed to show message when no selectable skills or items are available
-When shopping, added indicator for when item is in storage
-Revised how private dungeon works
-Added consistent border to map space
-Adjusted Fawn's portrait
-Tinkering with Fairy Dust now returns Bottles
-Fixed bug causing Marin's 2nd challenge to not work
-Fixed bug where killing the don auto-saves
-Fixed KNO instance in fairy grove
-Fixed bug where couldn't input with keyboard after starting a NG+
-Fixed several instances of screen not un-dimming after an event
-Fixed bug where escaping from capture by Mistyra caused parasite clothes to be removed
-Fixed meeting Fawn at Roxie's after she goes to UNA
-Fixed blindfolds causing screen not to undim
-Fixed being able to use milk pump while chest is restricted
-Fixed bug where can't run anymore after fighting with Marin
-Fixed doing pregnant love 2 with Rinny when not actually pregnant
-Fixed being able to get past guard in Gallery
-Fixed a few cases of being able to do things while chest/crotch bound
-Fixed pubes showing in wrong place in milking pose
-Fixed issue with showing all changes being displayed as blank when done multiple times

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oof, sorry to hear. Hopefully it won't happen again!

Am I doing something wrong or not really ready?


Can't get in yet. It's just a placeholder for now

im super lost idk how to get into the residences in una in r21.1b

You can't get into the residences yet. It's just a placeholder for the time being.

ahhhh okay thanks

hey indivi i m curious about one thing , do you have any plans for any translations ?

of course after you finish the remake or maybe earlier ? 


To be honest, it's kinda unlikely, just because it's so text heavy.

well i say because idk if you know but there another game pathologic 2 and he has alot of text too but one guy of the community have translated all alone to my language and i already see that in the hud and text of another games and i know for you alone is a heavy work to do thats why i m curious if you open for the people do something or just leave as only english 

for me the game is perfect after all I understand and write in english very well but for some friends they dont know english good as i do 

by the way I was even amazed at the amount of friends who like text-style games like yours and they really like your game for me what really attracted me to this game was the visual but in the what make me still was the story all i can say is you do a great job in the two parts 

do old saves not work? I can see Fawn but still cant get to her

Did you download the Patreon release? The game doesn't auto update, so you'll need to manually download the latest releases

Merry Christmas Indiv! And advanced Happy New Year!

Thanks! You too, Merry Christmas and pre-happy new year!

yay, looking forward for the public release. Thanks indivi and happy holidays to you ^^

You're welcome, and happy holidays!

Yay, if it released on public I will finally see fawn, I kinda missed her to be honest in my game

She'll get lots of attention this and next release!


OK, cool ^^

 Oh hell yeah. But vibrator is still invisible under the clothes.(I mean dress)

Could U fix it, pleasee? xD
Deleted 3 years ago

Which dress and which vibrators?

the remote vibrator, they want the controller strapped to the leg to be visible, it might be as simple as layering it under all clothing but leggings instead of it going invisible if wearing anything covering the bottom/pants slot. though tights may have some weirdness. 

on another note could you separate the pussy slot items into two slots, piecing slot and sex toy slot? from what I've seen there shouldn't be any image overlap of them. maybe name the piecing slot clit. 

also could there be a way to make the blindfold not totally blind you, i like the look of it on the character but its completely crippling so you cant leave it on. i remember in the original lust doll you just had it dim the game, maybe introduce a spell like magic sense or something that lets you see normally or have it that if you have a certain stat over a certain amount you get it only dimmed not blind. while its nice for rping I'm sure many also just like to dress up their characters and would appreciate being able to use blindfolds without being crippled. in the last patch i actually got really exited when the blindfolds didn't immediately blind, and was rather disappointed to realize it was a bug and that interacting with certain things would start the effect. 

Thanks, I'll look into it!

Can't separate the pussy slots anymore, unfortunately, without really screwing up everyone's save files, but I do agree it should have been done separately. If I do a remake/sequel, I could make it happen

Next release, the blindfold won't have a 'delayed' effect XD.

hm if you cant separate it maybe just add a second copy of the slot, also bummer about the delayed effect being fixed. 

That's exactly what I mean by separating it and it's basically too late now without a lot of trouble!

? THICC Body type at Fairy  Grove? NOt entirely sure what that means but I'm interested to find out.

It's exactly what it says XD

"THICC body type" Oooh, sweet

It's pretty thicc XD

Looks like a very big update. Waiting a public.

Yes! A very THICC update XD