LD+ playable again on iOS 14.2!

Some time ago, I mentioned that updating to iOS 14 would cause LD+ to become unplayable due to new graphical glitches. It's now confirmed that updating to iOS 14.2 will fix those issues, so if you weren't able to play before because of this, now you should be able to!

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I’m trying to play on Safari on my iPhone and the game freezes whenever I try to go to the room below. Is there a way to fix this? I can’t use a different browser because I would lose all my saves

So you were able to play it before, but now it doesn't work? Weird... Outside of resetting your phone and clearing up space on it, I'm afraid there's not much I can suggest. Let me know if you get it working again!

It’s a bit more specific I found. It freezes when I go to a different scene after masturbating. I have tested a few places, they’ve all frozen so far.

okay I fixed it, I just opened lust doll plus on a new tab, which allowed me to keep my saves, and then closed the old tab

Huh, weird! As long as it works!