Lust Doll+ r20.0b released on Patreon!

Lust Doll+ r20.0b released on Patreon!

-Continued Fawn's route
-Opened Upper New Ark
-Added seer in New Ark Slums
-Added Tinkering mechanic
-Added Ink Pen to Hardware store
-Added setting a custom term for player's race (can change in inner sanctum)
-Added always closed eye types
-Modified Sammy's and Mistyra's furry portrait
-Knowledge stat changed to Insight. Body stat changed to Resilience
-Implemented pre-loading certain portraits
-Made edits to Mistyra cock growth scene for when doing it after m2f scene
-Fixed issue with being unable to leave tattoo menu on android
-Edited Tuxedo graphics for player and servant
-Fixed losing living clothes if bought them from shop, then again from elsewhere
-Fixed bug preventing keyboard entry
-Fixed bug where selecting an empty skill slot crashes the game
-Fixed bug with pubes showing when bent over
-Fixed using Lust Tonic on Rinny in bed in dungeon acting like she has a cock
-Fixed Bandit girl showing cock through shorts
-Fixed bug where bulges won't show on certain lower clothes
-Fixed Pussy Vibrator graphics being missing
-Fixed issue with Sammy's special causing player to remain nude after
-Fixed issue with mobile buttons not appearing on mobile
-Fixed issue with NPC eyebrows not being at correct height
-Fixed issue with glasses staying on when sleeping
-Changed how open-toed shoes work
-Fixed cock vibe staying on Rinny when removing her cock
-Fixed not becoming nude when visited while sleeping in Succubus Tower


Lust Doll Plus r19.2 (Android).apk 122 MB
Nov 08, 2020

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>be me

>doing literally every part-time jobs I can do to buy the Patreon version of this game

>done saving money, checks the date


>the next public build coming literally 4 days from now


XD save it for next Patreon build!

Deleted post

unga bunga~!

I know it! I know there will be a special update for number 20 version! Can`t wait when it release to public. ( Dont have money for Patreon, that Uzbekistan for you :/ )  

Yes, very big update~. No worries, it'll be out soon enough!

I’m extremely excited for this to go public, and will be supporting this on Patreon soon enough! This game has been amazing

Thanks! And it'll be coming out to public on the 7th of next month!

i know this is from an old update but i'm having trouble figuring out what to do with the "Hang out with Cassie and Alissa" objective. so far i have Alissa in the Safehouse, i saw the scene where you invite Cassie onto the bed and the scene in the bathroom. is that all there is and the task isn't registering as complete again or am i missing something?

Yep XD. You need to get Alissa to interrupt you and Cassie 3 times. The one most people miss is having to annoy Cassie (make her change clothes a lot. She can't be pregnant for this.)

i think the Ink Pen is a part of body writing.

am i right? if so awesome!!

There's plans for this, yes XD

I still can't figure out how to get to Upper new ark. The receptionist told me about black market passes and yet no new vendor showed up to sell me a pass

talk to the Junk vendor, i got a tip from a dude in the slums about passes, checked him by chance and boom, he had like four different passes

You need to talk to the hobo that accepts food!

Just saw a dream about new update. Seems I prophet.

XD it's usually around the same time each month!