LD+ r17.2 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's LD+ r17.2! Changelog appended at the end.

Just want to highlight some major changes:

You can now give your save files custom names! Hold left or right when saving, or click and hold on a save slot if using mouse/on android to use this new feature!

To supplement this, you can also now use keyboard to input terms!

-(Made changelog a separate file from readme.)
-(Added troubleshooting section to readme.)
-Added Clear Set function to equip menu
-Limited atk/def buff/debuff to 50-200%
-Fixed Electric Shock not doing damage in deserted base
-Fixed bug allowing you to lock yourself out of first two rooms in ruined lab
-Fixed bug where portrait fingers aren't removed when changing pose
-Fixed bug where m2f transformation can cause crash if wearing cock accessory

-Revised title and logo graphics
-Added Rinny preggers while sitting graphics. Revised her feets
-Adjusted graphics for genitalia piercings
-Fixed issue with megacock/megaboobs and related accessories not showing
-Fixed bug where cancelling out of shop on android doesn't remove side arrows
-Fixed bug where using electric shock gave drain kiss text in deserted base
-Fixed Alissa furry arms tied graphic missing dog ears
-Fixed issue with thumbs appearing over upper body sleeves
-Fixed bug where defeating Mistyra and getting a scene puts parasite clothes back on afterwards

-Finished rest of deserted base
-Added futa megacock scene for succubus, and futa scene for succubus student
-Implemented keyboard entry for text input
-Implemented custom labels for save files
-Implemented being able to remove one article of clothing at a time
-Implemented command wrapping functionality for equip menus
-Moved delete savefiles function to options menu
-Allow putting in own term in place of 'trap'
-Allow setting whether to meet new NPC's in their furry or non-furry forms
-Adjusted Mistyra's furry portrait
-Modified battle system mechanics
-Fixed bug where male infected won't infect you
-Changed ceiling tentacles to automatically give scene if willingly surrender
-Can buy fishing rod at hardware store
-Fixed bug where encounters in Mistyra's room trigger too frequently
-Fixed bug where cock accessories can appear over clothing
-Fixed Rinny teaching you cock growth spell removing your cock if you have one
-Changed so that can bring Rinny into graveyard when she's pregnant
-Fixed some continuity issues with Cassie's route
-Fixed being able to give Cassie fertility pills after she's impregnated
-Fixed gaining states overriding step event text
-Fixed bug where Mistyra can come back after you've escaped your bond


Lust Doll Plus r17.2 (Win).zip 175 MB
Sep 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r17.2 (Mac).zip 309 MB
Sep 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r17.2 (Linux).zip 217 MB
Sep 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r17.2 (Android).apk 120 MB
Sep 08, 2020

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Has anyone been making/updating a guide or wiki for this..? I hate to ask but I got lost a few updates ago and idk what to do anymore... I love the game but I’m kinda stuck on the newer content

I have a guide I'm doing, but it's for backers. dumbass goblin on here seems to be thinking of making a guide too if you want to wait for them.

And thanks, I getcha. You can look at the changelog for hints on where to look in the game for new content!

I’ve definitely been trying! I made a new save, so I’m just stuck with trying to save Cassie now, but after that idk what to do

For Cassie, have you talked to Fawn yet?

I don't know if its already fixed, but i found a bug when you make M2F in the lab, and then you leave and go away, then when you come back you can't make the transformation anymore, nor sign up to it again

You need to have a dick for it to work again.

I had it, i just went away a few seconds and then came back

Thanks, I'll fix it!

A pleasure to help! I really like this game, if i can't help with money I'm glad i can help checking for a bug or two, I created my account just to post thi s xD

Mistrya as a Wolf Furry, is like the furriest way possible to be a furry. AND I LOVE IT. Finish her! More LEWD !

And Linda as a mouse is supper cute as well, will you do a special mouse feet as her feet? That's kind of my thing. Also, her hand is a little bit too red in furry form in the current build, maybe it needs some changes.

This makes me thinks of a awesome threesome or orgy out of them, it will be pretty cool.

Haha, glad you like furry Mistyra and Linda! Linda's is actually based off of lab mice, which have red furless paws, so that's why she looks like that

I haven't played the recent builds but I thought Linda would be a bat for sure. Why did you pick wolf for her furry form? Just curious. 

She's actually a white lab mouse XD

Ah I'm sorry. I was thinking of Mistyra, somehow typed Linda...

That makes more sense XD. Hmm, tbh it just depends on what I feel fits their theme/personality when I'm drawing them. Wolves are pretty predatory after all.

(1 edit)

i just did the deserted base route and the science tower but i was already a futa (with pussy) and all the other machine did was take my dick and shrink my tits ik its supposed to take your dick but i had mega boobs now they are tiny idk if thats supposed to happen or if its a bug :) also can we add to the dungeon yet or no

i think that's supposed to be for male characters to become female if you have the M2F option selected which if you're already female or a futa it makes it kinda redundant 

You get paid to have boob reduction and dick removal basically.

Yeah, that's a bug. It'll be fixed next release!

And not yet!

Two questions, first i got the "Search for someone who can fulfill your secret dream" objective in the logbook, can i get a hint as to who that is? and secondly is there anything else to do with Gin aside from the three "training" options? because no matter how much i "train" him his objective never goes grey in the logbook


ok i figured out the secret dream one so never mind that. for any curious you have to get Rinny pregnant, leave Transylvania, come back to her and when she asks for sex choose the option with the ********** 

Might be a bug that it's still 'active'. You've gotten as far with him as you can at the moment!

(1 edit)

How long time need to update?

+I have some idea for next update-  add map for levels,if it possible.

I release a new update every month! Sure, can tell me your ideas~.


Oh,cool!So,How about adding a "pussy fuck" option to milk farm? And the ability to have a baby and carry it(like old ver)?

There'll be more milk farm stuff! Probably not gonna do baby carrying again, just because it meshes really weirdly with everything else that's going on

i just found a bug with the giant plant; when i get down to 50% lust defense it wouldn't go down any further so I can't get defeated by it.

Thanks, I'll fix that!

Is Mistyra's quest completed? (because in Science lab tower nothing happens after removing parasites (and waiting a loooong time))

Not yet, only deserted base for now!

Oh, Thanks! (like huge thanks for your work!)

You're welcome, glad you're enjoying it!

Named saves are a great addition. Time to reload all my old saves and give them labels!

With the deserted base finished, how close is LD+ to reaching feature parity with the original game? Off the top of my head there's the dungeon, the desert (with the conclusion of Cassie's arc), and the Upper City (with the majority of Fawn's arc).

Is there anything else still missing? I haven't played the original since Plus was announced so I've probably forgotten.

Yeah, I definitely feel like it's much more useful than the default save game labels XD.

That's most of what's left, not including rest of meat parasite route. There's still quite a long ways to go, but we're slowly getting there!

How do you get the meat off once you escape deserted base? 

Go to Science Lab Tower

they just turned me into a girl and put the stuff back on :(

Talk to the receptionist! And yeah, that m2f square is buggy and shouldn't be activated


Haha, thanks~. Glad you're liking her!

whos linda? 

You'll find out very soon! Follow my previous instructions above!

How do i train gin? Because the logbook says i need to train gin even though ive done it many times?

Sorry, might be a bug. You can't complete Gin's training yet

So how do full package futa work? It looks weird when she doesn't have balls.

Yes, most/all futa's in the game have optional balls!

But how do I enable that? Enabling Futa Balls only makes the Succubus student able to have balls from my experimenting. Every other girl I've tested it on doesn't seem to be able to have balls. I tried disabling Futanari whilst leaving Futa Balls active and it deactivated the futa scenes for every character period. Is there a way to toggle this?

Ah nevermind, I wasn't as thorough in adding balls to futas as I originally thought. You should enable both, yes. I'll probably mess around with it for next release


Yes! The Mistyra scene where she changed your PC's sex was one of my favorite moments in the original. Can't wait to see more of the abandoned base!

Wait, there was that kind of scene?

I don't remember, how to get it?

Have to be male, then get captured by her!


Thanks! Gonna go get this scene now.

Ooh, I'm glad you enjoyed it~!

-Fixed bug where defeating Mistyra and getting a scene puts parasite clothes back on aafterwards

Wait... Why is this a bad this? There's people that don't like this? It's my whole objective on the game 😅

Deleted 1 year ago

Haha, it's more like she said she'll remove them. But then they just come back afterwards, which doesn't make sense XD


Like when you release a pokemon and it comes back because it was worried about you. Maybe the parasites were worried too 🤔

Haha, well they definitely do want to come back XD

Very nice to see you can finish up the deserted base now! So close to the Linda stuff so I can't wait for that along with whenever the dungeon gets fleshed out. 

Thanks! And yes, working on expanding dungeon/Linda~

how do i get mega cock option for my character?

There's a bad end involving that, but no way to actually walk around with mega cock yet. Still working out how I should do it!

what about mega boobs


Just a bad end for those, same place as megacock!

ok thanks