LD+ r17.0b released on Patreon!


-Finished rest of deserted base
-Added futa megacock scene for succubus, and futa scene for succubus student
-Implemented keyboard entry for text input
-Implemented custom labels for save files
-Implemented being able to remove one article of clothing at a time
-Implemented command wrapping functionality for equip menus
-Moved delete savefiles function to options menu
-Allow putting in own term in place of 'trap'
-Allow setting whether to meet new NPC's in their furry or non-furry forms
-Adjusted Mistyra's furry portrait
-Modified battle system mechanics
-Fixed bug where male infected won't infect you
-Changed ceiling tentacles to automatically give scene if willingly surrender
-Can buy fishing rod at hardware store
-Fixed bug where encounters in Mistyra's room trigger too frequently
-Fixed bug where cock accessories can appear over clothing
-Fixed Rinny teaching you cock growth spell removing your cock if you have one
-Changed so that can bring Rinny into graveyard when she's pregnant
-Fixed some continuity issues with Cassie's route
-Fixed being able to give Cassie fertility pills after she's impregnated
-Fixed gaining states overriding step event text
-Fixed bug where Mistyra can come back after you've escaped your bonds

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Ayyy! Mistyra's finally back! good to see her back honestly, i was away for a long time and i seem to have missed some stuff, but none the less i came back to some great updates, can't wait to see what's next (maybe some forest stuff *hint *hint) nah i'm joking, if it's not happening for a bit i'll wait, i'm just a little salty that plant was invincible, i spent hours to try and break the game by getting 50+ strength with whips to bypass the healing.

Keep up the great work Indivi, i'm guessing you're only one person doing most of this and even if it's a small team, it's insanely impressive what's been done, can't wait to see this  game's future!



She's def a lot of people's fav~. Welcome back! And yes, always updating XP. Still mainly focused on porting content over from the original, but I regularly add new stuff too. Forest won't be for a while, but yes, one day you'll be able to get that plant XD.

Thanks! And yes, it's just me doing all this~.

Hey, I was just vondering if there is a planned bad end for not removing the parasites? Like you got warned, that "You'd rather remove them as soon as possible", having a debuff is understandable, but what about something more? It could work as pregnancy: couple of stages ove a few days, than -hop- "thx for playing)" And another question, have you ever considered implementation of drugs or another kind of addiction system? For example it gives you an instant buff, then in some time a debuff, which is stronger than the buff before. Then you can wait until debuff goes out, or you take another doze to take even stronger buff and a stronger deduff as a result. And if you continue, you got your stats debuffed to "0" and bad end.

Isn't this a thing in fallout? I think it works more or less like that on fallout 3/new vegas

yeah drug buffing is a strat in FO 3/NV for beating the General and the Leget of the east but i think he means he wants a way to be stronger without becoming permanently overpowered which is understandable.

Honestly if Indivi added a part to the sanctum to mess with stats it would solve that small problem, as anyone could use it to be over/under powered when they wanted to or just not touch it at all for the same experience.


There is actually a bad end that results from having the parasites on you, but you need to trigger a certain event to have it happen. I'd rather not have a time limit on removing them, unless it's within a constrained environment, as otherwise it's really unfair. Plus, some people just want to go through the game wearing them as long as possible.

Drugs/addiction, probably not. It's a touchy subject, and not something I really want to delve into in a game like this. The exception would probably be something like becoming addicted to an NPC's fluids or something and having to have sex with them regularly to function XD.

is this the one with the gender bender scenes?

Yes~, but just one


thats alright i just wanted to make sure i know what was there.

thanks! :)

Wait... So we can get the awesome meat parasite clothes now?





And here I thought we might get to be Arlen's subbe, but I guess not for a while or another update?  have anyone else found out about this?

Not yet, but won't be too long!

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I don't know if i the first, but i discover some bug in the scene with Mystra (after "there is no escaping your fate" continue playing end) that make the game to crash if you wear accessories on your nipple or equipped whit whip (skippable if you not wear them) and a another one during mega boobs+mega dick + mega balls scene.

i actually play the r17.0b windows version.

i hope i can help, 

Thanks, I'll fix it!

"Modified battle system mechanics"

you have caught my interest. honestly biggest problem i have with this game i think the battle mechanics are pretty boring. im guessing it's not gonna be a huge change. really excited for an update for once just because of that one statement

tbh, it's just under the hood stuff, a.k.a. not actually visible to the player. I did do some more special things with fights in the latest update though

There's probably a cleaner/ better way you could make the stats or leveling work but that's just some nit picking, overall if this game had a more in-depth battle system it could go two ways: 1, it could be really good and fun to explore/ make different builds for playthroughs (though thats not the point of the game) or 2, it could make it get quite frustrating if they're tougher and require exp grinding just to continue, so for what it is, the combat is fine if not a little lack "lust"er

Perhaps, but it works well enough that I wouldn't change it now XD. I'm definitely trying to spice up the battle system though, so hopefully future battles will be a little more fun to try around with.