Lust Doll Plus r16.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's LD+ r16.1! Adds first half of the deserted base, and the first male NPC! See changelog for details!

-Added Electric Shock spell
-Added several scenes for Mistyra
-Fixed issue with choice window size
-Fixed Gin's furry form not showing in alt poses
-Fixed bug where random encounters stop working after going to deserted base

-Added wildcat events
-Added deserted base
-Revised coding for showing portrait status effects
-Modified upper undies code to not require duplicate graphics


Lust Doll Plus r16.1 (Win).zip 170 MB
Aug 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r16.1 (Mac).zip 304 MB
Aug 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r16.1 (Linux).zip 212 MB
Aug 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r16.1 (Android).apk 115 MB
Aug 08, 2020

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Hello, I rescued Cassie from Don... but uh I needed to leave the city. How do I make it so that I don’t? (I only got Lin Lin’s help)

You need Arlene! Talk to her, then visit the hobos and get their help. Afterwards return to Arlene. You'll need to sleep a bunch to move events forward as well.


Oh ok! I got it now!! Thankkkssss

Hello, maybe It's a silly question or maybe you've already answered it and I didn't saw but, will it be size related contents like a feature to Get Shrunk/Shrink or Get grown/Grow.

Otherwise your games are really fun and I really like 'em, so thanks you for that! ^^ 

Yes, definitely considering some fun ideas with that sort of theme! And thanks, glad you're enjoying it!

So is the desert not implemented yet?

Not yet!

Not yet!

Not yet!


Ok cool, just wondering. Don't feel pressured. Just take your time to make a bigger and better version of Lust Doll!

Thanks, for sure!

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Where is Mistyra 

You can meet her by getting captured in the deserted base. She'll also be fightable next release!

When the infected capture o dont see mistyra and the infected roof wont capture. How do you get captured? 

The infected roof will capture if you lose all your HP to it. In the next release, I've changed it so that it'll capture you automatically if you choose to surrender to it!


i hope that we can make cassie grow a cock or sammy as well please do this if you can please do

I'll consider it!


Ah,       Mistryra, my favourite.

Femme fatale XD

Found a couple issues in the deserted base.
1. If you escape your bindings after being caught the same time that the lady comes back, you are visibly out of your bindings but the game makes you go through the event with the lady anyways.
2. After escaping your bindings, literally every time you walk onto a new square, you encounter an enemy in the room where you were held captive.

Also, do you have any more plans for Gin?  I would love to see something after he's been "trained" enough times.

Thanks, I'll look into that! And yeah, definitely planning some follow-ups once you've trained Gin a certain number of times~

Deleted 3 years ago

There's a ton of changes and new content! It's definitely worth giving a shot!

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How do i get the shock spell and those scenes with Mystra?

Ask Rinny to teach you magic. For Mistyra, get captured in the deserted base

Is the forbidden door open yet or will it be soon

Not yet, won't be for a while!

i like this update, i find a strange thing, i cant make screenshots or show a photo cuz , a long story, aham, when i enter in the dungeon alone, and sit there it blocked me showing  a message ''the image isnt load'' and some numbers, and the button rstart or try again(sorry if you didnt understand, im dumb, and stopid at english) anyway i was lucky for the saving 


Thanks! And try redownloading! Otherwise, I might know what it is, but will have to wait till next release for the bug fix

where do I go exactly to meet with our new feline friend, if I my be so bold to ask?


in the forest in abandoned town, ya know that tiger boy, instead of fighting him use ero attack and bum 


your a champion boss


Ah yes, more people to bully.


Always XD


where is the abadoned base?


Found the same way as milk farm, move between the city and any other location a number of times!