LD+ r15.0b released on patreon!


-Reverted to 100 savefiles
-Added Marin's challenge part two
-Added method to check what pieces you're missing from a full servant's uniform in the Manor.
-Added private dungeon: Bed, with Cassie
-Changed so that Bell can wander to all places after being given a collar, instead of just the forest
-Added warp point from Graveyard to Pixie's Lair, and from Succubus Tower to Transylvania entrance
-Improved event text functionality
-Fixed Lin Lin portrait bug
-Fixed cock appearing over VK sweater when erect
-Fixed Rinny feeding Pixie's pets while she's missing
-Fixed Pixie Lair's rest point having you masturbate if cancelling out
-Fixed Cassie not redressing after tonguebath scene
-Fixed losing living underwear if bought from shop of horrors, then doing Marin's event
-Fixed bug related to buying living underwear from shop of horrors

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hey how do i capture alissa? i tried picking that option but it said cassie needs to trust me more, but she's with the don already

You need to rescue her from the Don first!


It's up now!


: )

AHEM its late

when will it be public???

seventh of July the in public release

thank you

6 days


There's a bug on the farm when getting milked and using living thigh highs

Thanks, I'll take a look!