LD+ r14.0b released on patreon!


-Added Armpits fetish shrine in Sanctum
-Added second Marin event
-Added second h*********g scene for Pixie, involving Rinny
-Added tentacle scene if bring Rinny to Pixie's lair
-Added Cassie Alissa tonguebath scene
-Added Cassie pregnancy events
-Added Turtleneck sweaters to Underground mall, and Virgin Killer sweaters to Succubus Tower shop
-Fixed changing certain options not being changed in all savefiles
-Implemented autosave function
-Reduced savefiles to 50 for lag reduction
-Fixed bugs with Marin's event
-Made adjustments to NPC portrait clothing system
-Improved self-switch functionality
-Fixed Bell's collar settings not being stored
-Fixed duplicating cowbell collar when giving one to Bell
-Fixed loading clothing set allowing you to remove unremovable clothing
-Fixed game break if talk to Lin Lin with living underwear on
-Added rest point in Pixie's lair
-Fixed Rinny's spinning around portraits not showing preggers
-Fixed bunch of bugs related to living clothing
-Fixed Cassie missing portrait after eating the big fish
-Fixed Rinny not getting pregnant when creampie'ing in her during Edith's scene

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Hey I really love the game so far, 2 things tho, 1. In the little shop of horrors, nothing appears, I can talk and stuff but I can't buy anything, and 2. How do I continue the Bell questline? After recruiting like 2 or 3 cow girls she disappeared and I can't find her anywhere in the game

1. If you are unable to meet Marin, they'll sell certain clothes there. Also have plans for things to do there later!

2. Look for her in Forest Park!


H-handholding.... You're a pervert aren't you?


Shhh! XP

How do get rid of living clothing

use the flute.


Just stuff related to the engine I'm using

huh, alright


this game just keeps getting better. :)