LD+ r13.1 released to public!


-Can buy from Marin after her event
-Fixed MarinOnStomachFurry portrait bug
-Can pick up Marin's event's clothes from Horror Shop if not doing her route
-Added a 'cheat' to allow activating Marin's route if you skipped her events during the Manor quest
-Added icon for android app
-Rinny now leaves for Marin's event
-Fixed player gauges not showing during fight with Marin
-Fixed changing mystic stat in character creator not changing MP
-Adjusted massage part of Marin's event to be nonrandom
-Fixed issues with step events

-Added manor maid events
-Added manor maid portrait. Redid parts of manor quest to include her portrait
-Added Fiber Duster to mansion
-Added Shop o horrors NPC
-Can now eat apples and golden apples
-Fixed Arlene hat and fishy colors
-Added Arlene domme portrait
-Fixed underground ring version of bandit girl not using furry settings
-Turning off Furry shrine now changes all NPC's to non-furry if they were furry before
-Fixed changing body stat in character creator not changing HP
-Fixed arm graphics on several upper body clothes


Lust Doll Plus r13.1 (Win).zip 163 MB
May 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r13.1 (Mac).zip 298 MB
May 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r13.1 (Linux).zip 206 MB
May 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r13.1 (Android).apk 108 MB
May 08, 2020

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who hec is marlin????

me sed me dont kno new chars in gam

why am i typing like a child lol


The Manor maid!

ohhhhhhhh i get it now :P

I am not even sure I finished the update or not. What happens after you get her the Massage and buy the underwere from her. This is completed after Save the Rinny and let pixie control the manor.


That's it for now! Her event is continued in r14!

Discover something interesting: I got Black Bra?, Black Panties?, and Black Thigh Highs?, the property is unremovable.

Problem is: I load Set em, removed back into inventory. Now what?

Thanks, that'll be fixed!

Always love these updates even in the events of covid-19, prob been asked quite a bit but i'll ask anyway for my own knowledge, can you add more content with Rinny (as in more to her character more to learn about/ from her and maybe even some more quests with her seeing as she's a staple of the game and a fan favourite (well, at least for me as i like demonic stuff)

Along with this i'd actually like some more "appropriate" clothing for the game setting for where you are (e.g. the slums having more ragged clothes and translyvania having some more demon/ devil clothes) i'd also like to see more with the forest and maybe even a unique fairy clothes set you could find there.

All and all i may be asking for a little too much in a short time, but i'd like to see this game grow, now just as an adults game, but as a proper work of art too as this game's really enjoyable just to mess around in (literally farmed up to 30 strength in the fight club to see if i could beat the plant early to try and break the game, you still thought of that which was funny to me xD)

Keep up the great work! - ToB.

Thanks! Rinny's actually getting a bit more content in the next update, but it'll be a while before her second quest starts! Glad to hear you want to see more from her though!

I'll see about more thematic clothing options! And I'll definitely be working on it as long as I can! And XD, maybe when I get back to that giant plant, I should make an Easter egg for people that beat it that way.


thanks for the reply! yeah the plant was funny to try and beat to break the game as i love play testing and glitch hunting so i had to try and i'm glad to hear Rinny's getting more content soon, always find her funny and charming.

She's def one of my favs XD

how can i make the second part of the quest

You need to have female partners enabled, and have finished Rinny's quest!

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I have finished rinny's quest and just cant do this quest pls heelp:((((( im hopeless man lol

Rinny doesn't have a second quest yet. Marin, just go to her room XD

can you give us some clue ? :(

Rinny's quest is over but I can't find the place where the women are ? 

Deleted 4 years ago
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make sure you've already found and done the part with Marin during Rinny's quest otherwise you'll need to cheat it in like Indivi said, after you're done with all of Rinny's stuff at the mansion, go to 2nd floor and to the right and find Marin and continually ask for acceptance, then follow what she says until you're giving her a massage, then grab her clothes to easily get the quest done. after that, leave (or sleep) and return to her, you can buy the clothes off her for 1200 (Also make sure "Female Partners" is enabled in kinks or you won't get to do this)

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im already buy it, but the second quest is not done and marin always say same thing whenever i come back to her :( btw thanks for explaining :)) love it

( i already have f partber enabled too )

I'm not able to do Marin's second part. Am I missing something?

You need to have female partners enabled, and have finished Rinny's quest!

Ok, After Rinny get captured by that mirror event: visit pixie.

Then, after the confrontation with pixie, choose the attire that match the gender (male get butler outfit, and vice versa) otherwise you get detected nonetheless (unlike the original Lust Doll, where that choice doesnt matter)

Gather all the outfit after that, confront that maid on the corner to the right of second floor of manor, win the fight.

Complete the manor quest as normal after that. Once the quest done, confront that same maid in the corner to the right of second floor, there's the Marin event, experiment with all choice (Make save point just to test all the event)

I was wodering is there going to be changes to the map layout? Just like adding details to it other than just squares could be an interesting addition


Probably not, just because I'd rather focus attention on building content/scenes. It would be nice, agreed, but I don't think that's why people play this game XD


ah no worries love this game either way :)

ya never know indivi, maybe some people out there will nut just from seeing fine detail in arcatecture xD

pfft XD


On the other hand, as it is now I feel like the simple design leaves more to the imagination.


for the shop horror how do we get in

You need to finish the Manor quest first in Transylvania!

I love the Black Bra? and the Black Panties? and I’d love to have them in real life! But it’s kind of weird how they come off when you go to sleep with them on. Since you can’t take them off normally it doesn’t make sense that they would come off during sleeping. Just a little detail that’s kinda bugging me cuz of my dumb small obsessions.

I hope I see the locked doors unlocked soon! Loving the game so far.

They're a little buggy right now. Need to do a lot of fixing unfortunately. Glad you love them though! And depends which locked door XD

btw, reccomend adding all unique characters having special dialog when wearing the alive version of them as i noticed Marin, Alyssia and Cassie having dialog about it, but people like Rinny, Fawn etc not having any as it was quite amusing seeing their reactions (hell when we get marissya or whatever the infected woman was called, she should have a special interaction if you're wearing the set before finding her)

Most do have unique dialogue XD. And yeah, we'll see what Mistyra has to say about them!

(watching to my hand) oh shit, here we go again

XD ye

Love the new android icon

Awesome, I'm proud of it~

is there any way to load progress from another version?

Save files should transfer automatically!

What would that cheat be?

It's just if you skipped her event in the Manor route. It'll show up in her room.