LD+ r12.1 released to public!

LD+ r12.1 released to public!

-Can give Bell Choker, or Silver/Gold Heart Collar to allow her to wander again
-Cassie can be made pregnant
-Fixed logbook mentioning Alissa before you've met her
-Fixed bug where previews of certain clothing wouldn't be removed
-Fixed wearing neck items while bent over
-Made Bell's human form thicker. Fixed Bell's eyes when milking. Cleaned up Bell's portrait files
-Fixed crash when talking to Cassie about Alissa
-Fixed extra window spaces in choicelists when certain choices are hidden

-Added capturing bandit girl
-Can now wear earrings if have head ears, but not normal ears
-Added arm and leg tattoos to tattoo shop in slums
-Added some alternate tribal tattoos
-Added furry versions for bandit girl and manor maid
-Added collar lockets, hair back ribbons, tie boots, spacer shoes, fang and feather earrings, aviator sunglasses, flipflops, rolled sleeve shirts to underground mall, and hammer to hardware store
-Fixed crash on winning fight with wildcat
-Moved Cassie's furry shrine to her safehouse after unlocking it
-Fixed cloak not being removed during scenes
-Fixed bugs with toll guy
-Fixed deleting saves also loading them
-Fixed Bell having dialogue while she's missing when buying cock milkers

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Who is allisa? it's been long since i downloaded the latest version then downloaded thin, i guess you can say im behind? it's just that i have a lot of work to do ._.

After finishing Cassie's route, try capturing a bandit girl~. And yes XD

How do I give Bell choker?

She needs to have wandered at least once, then you need to give her the cowbell collar before she'll accept any others

cowbell collar... ooof! Her name's the hint! Nice pun! Didn't think that cause too tired when playing the latest build.

She's a cowgirl, cows need bell, bell on collar, geddit everyone?

Huh? Is this a glitch, or did Bell have a cowbell collar on her personage? Usually, gifting something to others means reduced inventory quantity by one, or maybe I buy two by mistake (I'm sure I only buy 1)

Everytime you release new public release, I am boot the game up to poke the new features listed. Surprised fang and feather earings in spunky sheep. Then again, those apparels aint exactly a jewelry.

Saw the hammer, will get it later. I'll continue to peruse the game addition.

Nice~. And yes, they're more trinket-y.

how do i finish cassie's route without the game ending?


Talk to Arlene, then something will have changed in the slums!

How do i continue cassie's route after finding her hideout and be allowed to crash there?


Force past the toll guy in the slums, sleep, then return!

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Thank-you for making a game that  is not just aimed at men, its nice to see a game that is enjoyable and that has characters as a focus. 


You're welcome! And yes, definitely plans to get some hunkier type guys into the game as NPC's!

How do you get the cock growing skill?

Find Rinny and complete her route!

Ah, so that's what was missing. Thank you.

Loving this new update! I had grown fond of Alissa back when she was just bandit girl but now I love her even more. Can't wait for the future when Mistyra and Linda come in since those 2 alongside Sammy are my favorite of the girls. 

Awesome, glad to hear Alissa's popular~. And yes, they'll be coming soon!

I can't seem to get the basement renovated. Help please?

It's not in the game yet!

Keep up the good work your doing great as always and remember not to overwork yourself.


Thank you, will pace myself!



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Still one of the top 3 best RPG Maker games ever (imo). Hmm. No. One of the top 10 games I've ever played. Lot of detail (despite the map simplicity), lot of customization, and a lot of fun to just sit down and play.

Been a while since I've played (more or less because I've been ignoring my computer). But! Thought I'd list issues and such I've had with the new update as I've done previously:

-Yay! More ways to torture Cassie (via Alissa scenes).

-Also fun torturing Alissa by asking her name over and over again. (Think I may be a bit of a sadistic psychopath from how much I enjoy torturing virtual characters :/)

-Would be kind of cool if it were possible to change Bell to the Cow Outfit from the Naughty Kitty shop (I think it's Naughty Kitty shop, anyways) (But maybe make it so the player must be carrying all of the appropriate pieces to the outfit).

-Would also be kind of cool to be able to get a Cat Collar for Cassie (Though maybe already planned for after player domme/dom is added?)

-Maybe make it so Alissa can be a companion after capturing? Similar to Rinny and she'd be able to help in the Abandoned Town or the Forest?

--As an add-on to the above, maybe while she's accompanying the player there are tougher encounters from her previous bandit-ing victims?

-(Potential Bug) Speaking of Alissa, with her addition I've noticed all Bandit Girls are furry. Haven't tested if it's because of the shrine because I rarely turn off Furry Shrines for very long.

-(Potential Bug or just not sure what to do) Logbook says to hang out with Cassie and Alissa but I can't figure out what it wants me to do. I did the Bed scene then the Bath scene and can't find anything else that may continue their quest. Searched the entire Abandoned Town and the Forest area but didn't find anything that may trigger a new scene.

-With the above thing, maybe a solution could be to add a map event for all of the quests that can give players a more direct hint in exchange for money? For example, Fawn's hint event could be placed near her Shrine (although her logbook hints are pretty easy to follow), Cassie/Don's hint event could be placed near the Don Hideout gate, etc.

Thank you! I'm happy to hear it~. And yes, it's definitely fun to mess with the game's characters XD.

Giving Bell the cow outfit sounds fun! I'll see about it! Same with a cat collar for Cassie~.

Neat ideas! There'll def be more to Alissa's storyline later on! For the furry bandit girls, once you've met Alissa, they'll all be tied to her shrine (if she's furry, they all are, etc.)

Logbook says to hang out with Cassie and Alissa: try 'annoying' Cassie XD. I'll consider hints!

You're welcome ^-^ Your game has quite a special place in my heart as a genuinely fun game. 

With "annoying Cassie" I can't seem to find any other thing to do so. I've talked to her a lot (clothed), talked to her a lot (naked), given her Devil's Milk, but can't seem to trigger anything. Other comments I read were saying to talk to Cassie about Alissa but the only "Talk" option I have is "Ask about being bought". Possible I'm just not annoying enough which is a surprise given how much I enjoy torturing her :/ I'll try annoying her a bit more though. 

Never mind! I figured it out (I think). The last button I would have thought to press x. x

Haha, yes XD


I love the new 12.1 update. Bullying the Bandit girl with her name made me laugh. (^-^)

Glad to hear! She's fun to write XD

you probably already answered this question but... when the game gets 100% complete, would you consider making the game free like this update?

P.S. Are you going to add the Deserted base with Mistyra? If so when?

P.P.S. As always, good to see you still working an this. Keep up the good work. :)


You'll be able to complete the game for sure for free when it's done!

Deserted base and Mistyra are next on the list, just doing some side stuff!

Thank you!


Ok, thanks for letting me know! :)