LD+ r12.0b released on patreon!

LD+ r12.0b released on patreon! https://www.patreon.com/posts/35101863

-Added capturing bandit girl
-Can now wear earrings if have head ears, but not normal ears
-Added arm and leg tattoos to tattoo shop in slums
-Added some alternate tribal tattoos
-Added furry versions for bandit girl and manor maid
-Added collar lockets, hair back ribbons, tie boots, spacer shoes, fang and feather earrings, aviator sunglasses, flipflops, rolled sleeve shirts to underground mall, and hammer to hardware store
-Fixed crash on winning fight with wildcat
-Moved Cassie’s furry shrine to her safehouse after unlocking it
-Fixed cloak not being removed during scenes
-Fixed bugs with toll guy
-Fixed deleting saves also loading them
-Fixed Bell having dialogue while she’s missing when buying cock milkers

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Are you going to add any special clothing that has stat modiffiers like in the original? (not all clothes, just ones that seem more unquie than others like the dark set or gothic lolita)

Also if at all possible could we have a couple more spells available that are more offenisve based, love the game and can't wait to see r12.0b public.

And as a last thing though i doubt it really will happen, if you've completed all stuff with a character (or at least most of it and can go on the date) can we have some sort of special item or permanant buff that's unquie to them you can only get once? (e.g: Rinny will buff the power of spells or give you a unique clothing piece and Cassie would buff your evasion or a unique clothing) as it feels quite... odd, seeing as you've helped them out a ton and it'd makes sense they'd give you something valuable...

It'd just make it feel more rewarding for the whole quest line and give more reason to do them fully instead of putting it off for a while.

Thank you for reading all this if you did, keep up the great work with this game!

-T O B

I'd rather not make certain clothes affect stats, since that'll definitely affect what people choose to wear. Even if it's just a few, it'll still influence people's choices.

Sure, can see about more offensive spells!

Hmm, perhaps on having a special gift for fully finishing a character! Definitely sounds like a fun idea~.

You're welcome!

Thanks for the reply, when you put it as it'll force people to chose certain clothes then yeah i guess it'll ruin the variety, I do want to see this game grow and i'll probably give a few ideas for this game if i come up with anything if it'll give any sort of ideas.

Also this is something i have to ask too, in the old lust doll you could go to an abandoned military base where you found the weird living flesh creatures, will that be added back into the game at a later time with the similar stuff it did or is it being scraped? As i quite liked the look of the flesh on the body.

Sure, sounds good! And yes, abandoned military base will be added in soon!


Is there a chance to get the bandit girl pregnant?  Curious.

Not yet, no! You can only make her grow a cock XP

Is any chance that in one of future versions will be added "cannibalism" and "dolcett" fetish? with option to turn gore on/off... I'm curious.

Pretty unlikely, sorry!

Maybe you could make a list of things that you definitely won't add?

Nah, it's easier to consider things on a case-by-case basis


Hey indivi when do you think you will add the desert and the basement renovation,  just curious?


Basement renovation will be pretty soon! Desert might be a while


Ok cool, also when will the shadow pendent door open at the Manor? The little shop of horrors and the science lab charterers?


Shop of horrors and science lab should be soon. Locked door won't be for a while!


Alrighty, thanks; keep up with the good work I am looking forward in seeing your efforts in the future releases ;)

Thanks, I will!


yay now I can draw more ugly sprites!


*cute sprites XD

oh boy, can't wait till this gets public release

where furry switch for bandit girl is going to be tho?

You'll see!