LD+ r10.0 released on patreon!


-Added cock milking scenes at barn
-Added a public subbe scene with Fawn
-Added forcing past slums toll guard
-Added Arlene's events
-Can now randomly meet certain NPC's when working at Roxie's Diner
-Can show Bell items now
-Added random event for Bell
-Added Booties to Transylvania shop
-Added Booty Shorts, Heart Boxers and Heart Lockets to Underground Mall
-Added Blindfold to succubus tower shop
-Fixed invisible block bug in mirror room of crypt
-Prevented buying cock milker twice
-Fixed chest on slogan shirts
-Made Logbook more legible
-Fixed issue with text not being stored when using items/skills
-Resized Arlene's hat
-Fixed graphical issues with piercings

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I have 2 problems.

1.At the Roxie's Diner need the 4 work 1 day limit?

2.Any NPCs chat cant remove then i go any place.

1. Mostly for 'realism'/prevent spamming the place

2. Not sure what you mean here?

I mean, in the chat box, the text does not disappear after any action or conversation.

It's intentionally designed like that!

When will it be for the public?


I think it’s always on the 8th of the next month