LD+ r9.0b released on patreon!


-Continued Fawn’s route
-Added unique dialogue for Rinny reacting to you cumming by vibes
-Added piercings to tattoo shop in slums
-Added unique dialogue for Transylvania encounters when Rinny is accompanying while pregnant
-Rebalanced working at Roxie’s Diner
-Allowed changing ‘trap’ term to 'crossdresser’
-Fixed bug where outfit menu remains active after selecting option
-Added 'Clear’ button during name input, to clear all letters
-Fixed bug where Whisperers can cause player portrait to stay moved down
-Added Silver Ring Earrings to jewelry shop
-Fixed Rinny having wrong clothes during certain events
-Fixed Slut and No Pants shirt graphics
-Changed to not drop held weapons when grappled
-Fixed cock wearables appearing under cock

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Then the update delete the save datas?

It shouldn't delete. Are you on android? Make sure you're not uninstalling before installing the updated version!

I wish there were size variations to animal cocks

also, why does canine dong not have knot?

I'll see about it!

Deleted post

Can't. Loli's against the law outside japan.

Deleted post

She's not meant to be loli. Just flat-chested :P

I really wish the Mega-Sized Cock and Cumflation is implemented soon. Futas with Huge penis cumming a shit load of cum inside someone until they inflate is one of my favorite kinks.

Sounds fun XD. In time!

When will it be released for the public


8th of next month!


Can't wait ^^

Me to