LD Plus r8.3 released to public!

Hi everyone, updated with Lust Doll r8.3!

For people confused on how to access the latest content, move between the city and any other location a couple times.

-Made Dream requirements easier to get (only need to have saved Rinny)
-Fixed fingers appearing over gloves
-Skills now sorted alphabetically
-Made sleeveless shirts worn under lower garments
-Implemented fix for graphics freeze bug

-Adjusted how respawn works
-Fixed issue with Gimp Suit sleeves preview not disappearing
-Added a bull
-Added ability to reset inhabitants of Milk Farm
-Fixed lactating error when flat-chested
-Shrank negligee width to hide it better

-Added milking scenes and bulls to Farm
-Implemented limit on milk received
-Fixed erect cock showing over hands during masturbation
-Fixed issues with Milk Farm event

-Added Secluded Farm (found via Wilderness event when leaving the city)
-Added bushier and white tipped tails
-Logbook now shows certain finished tasks
-Made erect cock show over shirt
-Fixed Vibrating Buttplug not working
-Added option to turn off encounters in Transylvania after completing Manor.
-Added black outline for non-passable tiles
-Fixed Spaghetti Straps taking 2 database slots
-Fixed bug where renaming clothing sets causes your portrait to become nude.
-Fixed issue with re-spawning while accompanied by NPC's.


Lust Doll Plus r8.3 (Win).zip 154 MB
Dec 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r8.3 (Mac).zip 288 MB
Dec 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r8.3 (Linux).zip 196 MB
Dec 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r8.3 (Android).apk 96 MB
Dec 08, 2019

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