LD+ r7.3 released!

Hi everyone, here's the release for Lust Doll r7.3!



-Fixed changing hair color in Transylvania causing soft-lock.

-Increased storage closet menu size.

-Added Logbook in warehouse in Abandoned Town.


-Fixed talking to Rinny causing crash.

-Marked unusable items.

-Fixed bug where clothes can be duplicated.

-Added storage closet to condo.

-Fixed changing hair sides and back in Transylvania causing soft-lock.


-Fixed landlord prompt asking for 5000 creds, but only needing 2000.

-Fixed talking to Rinny causing crash.

-Fixed Bandit Girl futa creampie not impregnating


-Fixed not being able to run after Edith fight

-Rinny puts clothes back on again after revenge on Edith

-Fixed changing credits not updating hud

-Fixed clothes preview not going away

-Opened condo in New Ark City

-Fixed NG+ allowing random encounters early

-Added lots of things to do with Rinny, mainly pregnant and futa related

-Fixed position of balls in down position

-Fix Rinny staying naked after Edith revenge

-Prevented selling Anywhere Seller. Can now only buy one.

-Prevented making more Your Milk after reaching the max carry limit

-Leaving New Ark City without the pass no longer gives you one.

-Fixed Fishnets graphic

-Added haircut place to Transylvania

-Removes blindfold during certain part of manor quest

-Prevent NPC's from taking action during encounters after surrendering

-Fixed certain graphics not updating with state/clothes changes

-Added futa scenes for Bandit Girl


Lust Doll Plus r7.3 (Win).zip 151 MB
Nov 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r7.3 (Mac).zip 285 MB
Nov 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r7.3 (Linux).zip 193 MB
Nov 08, 2019
Lust Doll Plus r7.3 (Android).apk 93 MB
Nov 08, 2019

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