LD+ r62.0 is now out!

In this release, I've introduced many new hair colours, more than tripling the previously available amount! Special thanks to Ayumi-Chizuru189 on the discord for coming up with the code to make it possible!

Currently this is only available through using the Hair Master. Please try it out! Assuming this doesn't break anything, it'll open the way to allowing for way more skin colours, different coloured clothes, and other good stuff!

As well, I've rolled back the NPC portrait optimization method used in r61, as it was seemingly causing memory issues with certain devices. Hopefully this will fix that.

Cassie should also come back to the safe house properly now. You may have to leave the area and return for her to appear.


-Added Nymosa to Island

-Added many hair colours to Hair Master

-Added coloring brows to Hair Master

-Added using feather on Sammy's feet while under her counter

-Added a map in Sunshine

-Added Blue Overalls to Underground Mall

-Added Slave Cloth to Slaver Hideout

-Added a preggers-specific location in Desert

-Revised scene when aroused while travelling to UNA

-Added secret scene while travelling to UNA

-Added workaround fix for Cassie being gone after Gold Mine

-Updated graphics for Cow Onesies

-Fixed expressions not loading for furry Kitty in feet pose

-Fixed earring positions when having animal ears and not regular ears

-Reverted optimization method for loading pictures


Lust Doll Plus r62.0 (Android).apk 254 MB
36 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r62.0 (Linux).zip 352 MB
36 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r62.0 (Mac).zip 445 MB
36 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r62.0 (Win).zip 309 MB
36 days ago

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I can't save after finishing the gold mine mission


Head to the city, and that should fix itself!

Ohh my God yess huggg, i needed hair colors


There's quite a few more now!

Carai, nuevos grandes progresos. Disculpa si no habia pasado a saludar...


jaja, está bien. ¡Y gracias!

Please add these characters to this game  Alynn,Arlene,Kitty Lin Lin,Marin,Sammy Let's Now Be Able to Invite These Characters to the Dungeon

It's planned for sure! Mainly waiting on them to have their routes finished first.

In which version is the update expected to come?

Topluluk Tarafından Doğrulandı simgesi


Full routes tend to take multiple months to finish from start. It'll likely be a while for most of them.

A problem on the android version (for my phone at least, a Samsung Galaxy A52):

The buttons for the new hair colours don't display properly (black rectangle) but still function correctly (the hair does change colour based on where I tap).

A minor inconvenience for me since I don't change my character's hair colour too often, but it might be a problem for those who do if it applies to other phones.

I have the same problem too. My phone is an android device as well.

(1 edit)

Getting a weird "Loading Error" message when I select Nymosa's Wrap from the inventory. And the message more or less bricks the game.

Message says: "Failed to load: img/enemies/wlower-SwimBottomsNymosa1.png". 

Using the Mac version.


Should be fixed in the latest release!