Lust Doll Plus r60.0 released to public! Happy 60th release and 5 years of LD+!

LD+ r60.0 is now out! Happy 60th release and 5 years of LD+!


-Added Gold Mine

-Added hooves version of furry Bell when feet kink disabled

-Added a halfway point skip for trading segment of Temple

-Adjusted size of Fawn's tie

-Fixed wrong variable value used when travelling in desert

-Fixed keeping worn hat on when being a test subject for succubi

-Fixed Fawn becoming naked after given bikini

-Fixed being able to get into ankle stocks with Alissa while having hooves

-Fixed not being able to warp to Slaver Hideout after unlocking warp point

-Fixed falling from infected 4th floor of Science Lab Tower potentially leading to wrong place

-Fixed damage values not being logged properly

-Fixed being able to pay for Science Lab Tower 3rd floor reclamation without having enough

-Fixed Linda not putting her glasses back on after domming player in private dungeon


Lust Doll Plus r60.0 (Android).apk 249 MB
54 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r60.0 (Linux).zip 347 MB
54 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r60.0 (Mac).zip 440 MB
54 days ago
Lust Doll Plus r60.0 (Win).zip 305 MB
54 days ago

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¡Felicidades...! Juraría que ya te habia felicitado...

¡Gracias! Jaja, sucede XD


Happy anniversary!!!


Thank you!

Been looking forward to this. Props to you for doing a great job!

Thank you!


Thanks! You're so awesome!


You're welcome!


man a lot of bugs with Linda’s glasses 

They can be trouble!

When can I raise Cassie's child?

And the protagonist's child?


In her good ending, you'll have the option to birth children with her. I probably won't go into much detail over raising them as that'll be really complicating said ending


60th version, 5 years, 1 version per month, ma men, you are indeed a legend whorty of praise.

May all the luck and the blessings in the world be with you.

Thank you! Just doing what I love~