Lust Doll Plus r60.0b released on Patreon! Happy 60th release and 5 years of working on LD+!



-Added Gold Mine

-Added hooves version of furry Bell when feet kink disabled

-Added a halfway point skip for trading segment of Temple

-Adjusted size of Fawn's tie

-Fixed wrong variable value used when travelling in desert

-Fixed keeping worn hat on when being a test subject for succubi

-Fixed Fawn becoming naked after given bikini

-Fixed being able to get into ankle stocks with Alissa while having hooves

-Fixed not being able to warp to Slaver Hideout after unlocking warp point

-Fixed falling from infected 4th floor of Science Lab Tower potentially leading to wrong place

-Fixed damage values not being logged properly

-Fixed being able to pay for Science Lab Tower 3rd floor reclamation without having enough

-Fixed Linda not putting her glasses back on after domming player in private dungeon

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I haven't been keeping up so sorry if you have already done this, but could you please make it easier to do the hypnoaddiction quest? I seem to have incredibly bad luck with it and would to see some sort of shortcut or gimmick added, please and thank you.

What seems to be the issue? You can see if the wiki helps?

Geez, 5 years already? I still remember stumbling across the original, and being amazed at what you had managed to do in RPGmaker! Glad to see it's still going strong.


ayo Indivi im already 18+ can you finaly unban me from the discord?




Sorry adgor, but it's too risky to let you in. Because you lied about being 18, it's possible that you're still lying about it. Your overall behaviour is not like a mature adult's either.


¡Yay! Al fin... ¡Muchas felicidades colega!


¡Espero llegues aún más lejos! ¡Hasta el 100 y más allá...!

¡Ese es el objetivo!

¡Mucha suerte con ello!