Lust Doll Plus r54.0 released to public!

LD+ r54.0 is out!


-Added Under Temple events

-Added body customizations: antlers (nubs, small and regular), fox ears and deer tail (no graphics)

-Fixed so that slaver in slave house basement will remember if you attacked him

-Fixed bug where autosave occurs during captured by Don extended bad end

-Fixed wrong graphics for becoming a guard slave ending

-Fixed issues with clothes being reequipped after being captured by slavers

-Fixed being able to meet Fawn in restaurant after she runs off

-Fixed layering issue with slimy status

-Fixed graphical issues with slave clothes

-Fixed graphical issues with cock being over lower clothes when pregnant

-Fixed graphical issues with pregnant belly


Lust Doll Plus r54.0 (Android).apk 244 MB
Oct 08, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r54.0 (Linux).zip 309 MB
Oct 08, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r54.0 (Mac).zip 435 MB
Oct 08, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r54.0 (Win).zip 300 MB
Oct 08, 2023

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(2 edits) (+1)

Some more character creation suggestions:

Chest tuft option - similar to the digimon character renamon with the effect of adding some chest detail for a flat chest character and a natural under boob visual for larger breasts.

Groin fluff option - A more fluffy looking pubic hair option that hides genitals (still present and functional, just hidden behind the fluff most of the time)

Note for clarity: 
I Already know about the furry body + flat chest = hidden nipples & the no genitals option already available in character creation - this part suggestion is for more visual character creation options.

And some equipment suggestions:

A set of clothing that gives a 'lewd' effect - boosts ero by 20% but without a penalty (a stronger version of indecent pretty much).

Might be able to use something already present for this - something in the clothing in the transylvania shops would be a good fit for this.

A 'weapon' that only deals ero damage - something like a 'dildo sword' or something of that nature might work.

Keep up the good work Indivi !

Hmm, I'll see. Ero is probably already too strong when you get aroused status though.

The Android apk is not working for me, it marks it as an error of package :(

Try re-downloading it, might just be a broken download


Just Wondering If you'd Add Sheep Parts like Wooly Bodies, Sheep Tails, Sheep Ears, and Hooves Just Curious 

I'll see about it!

I do not understand English I wish there was a Korean language even in a prosperous period

Probably won't be translations anytime soon, since the game is still being developed. You can try Translator++, and see if that works to machine translate the game into Korean


I'm loving these updates! but when is there going to be a next pregnancy update? like the baby and etc??

Glad to hear! For raising a baby, need to finish an NPC's second route. Cassie's is currently closest!

When will there be a continuation of the story and content of the vampire that we trapped in the mansion? When will there be content with the succubus queen? And when will we have access to the basement of that mysterious store? And when will we learn new types of magic?


Added under temple events? YES! Now we just need "finishing Bell getting uncursed" and "find out what the heck some of the UNA buildings are for" (along many other things)

this might sound like a dumb question, my apologies in advance, but to download the updated version... what do i do? do i just download it and then that's it? it'll automatically update itself? i'm so sorry, i'm new to all of this. i love your game btw! its incredibly well made and it has a wonderful storyline that i thoroughly enjoy reading through!

You download the new version of the game and delete the old version of the game from your computer.
And you won't lose your progress by doing that

thank you so much!