Lust Doll Plus r48.1 released to public!

LD+ r48.1 is now out!


-Added reverting to before changes when changing character bodily appearance

-Fixed missing pink light coloured tails

-Fixed removing Fawn futa cock not removing cocksleeve

-Fixed bug when taking medical classes in UNA

-Fixed Fawn being in UNA when she's tied up in private dungeon

-Fixed changing Cassie's clothes options


-Added ******* and futa milking scenes with Bell

-Added Alissa ankle stocks in private dungeon

-Added milking scene with Cassie and Bell at milk farm

-Added milking on bed and pillory stocks with Cassie in private dungeon

-Added riding crop graphic for Fawn

-Added light and dark colour versions for each tail

-Adjusted graphics for milkers

-Adjusted pillory stocks graphics for Cassie

-Changed to allow collecting fairy dust from a lust victory against fairies

-Changed refinery machine to always be visible in the shop before being bought

-Fixed bug when asking Fawn for shibari while face is drawn on

-Fixed leaving Rinny in pillory stocks

-Fixed Gin looking like a Ken doll

-Fixed Bell's mouth expression positioning while being milked


Lust Doll Plus r48.1 (Android).zip 234 MB
Apr 02, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r48.1 (Linux).zip 336 MB
Apr 02, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r48.1 (Mac).zip 429 MB
Apr 02, 2023
Lust Doll Plus r48.1 (Win).zip 294 MB
Apr 02, 2023

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Hey can you help me with getting up to having the milking scene. I'm stuck

Also help with gins route. Also stuck there

Train him a lot! Once you've put him in certain clothes, you'll need to trigger random events with him to get to the last part!

You need Cassie at the milk farm, then get milked and get her attention. Afterwards talk to Bell!

I know that but how do I get her there

Once you've finished her route and after a certain point with the milk farm, you can invite her up there. After that she'll be there sometimes.

i've gotten cassie to the milk farm, but no new dialogue for bell, milkers, anything... do i need to find whatever the step is for heating the milk farm first?

While she's there, get chest milked!


so both doesn't count 


(4 edits) (+2)

Hey Indivi in the next update can you add like a  revolver like an  old western one in the desert market or you can find a revolver and some hidden area of the temple or while wandering around the desert like hidden location 

for example :you stumbled upon an old army outpost   and then you have to pass multiple skill check in perception, intellect and in agility in order to get the revolver  and then once you reach the room you have to solve puzzle by  stepping on the right tiles or else you will fall to your doom ( it best you save your game before trying to solve the puzzle or you can just do skill check in agility to do a wall run but it requires agility 79+ to get pas said puzzle with that type of method) and then you see the Schofield revolver or what ever western revolver you want to put  but once you take it be prepared  cause you better star running cause the army base is collapsing upon itself so run for it and don't worry you can find ammo in the same box you found the gun and also you can buy ammo in some markets in the game but they cost a lot after you finally raiders of the lost ark out of there you finally have a gun in the game and will have the same damage as the  katanas and if you ever equip it i will toggle an action of you twirling lthe  revolver like  ocelot from. The metal gear series or will have distinct sound like that fallout oh can you also add western cowboy style out fits maybe you can find and buy them at the desert   like bandoliers stetson hats andcowboy pants and  you can have a western duel competition on the desert plus it would be kinda cool to  Mexican stand or if not revolver a flintlock but I think is more fit for the scenario or if not gun why not the  high frequency blade like that of the murasama 



I'm worried my game may be bugged out, but hopefully I'm missing something. Nymosa is in the temple waiting for more content. I have the purple and grey living  bra and thigh highs. I removed the purple mushrooms from my inventory and cured the itchiness at the village from the random villager. I can't go to the doctor in new ark because my chest is locked. I've tried progressing my stage both with and without mushrooms and with and without itchiness, but it doesn't progress to actually growing mushrooms (followed the steps on the wiki, not sure if that's up to date). If someone has some step I'm missing to remove the living bra after removing the itchy condition, I'd greatly appreciate.


time to "milk" this update 

haha yes XD


Will you ever add animation to the sex scenes


Probably not at this point. If I want to make animations, I'd make a new game

how do I update on Android? do I download and just launch the new APK? Will that replace the old app?

or do I have to delete the old app first


Just Download and Install over it.

cool thx

When will the temple route be added to

Won't be for little while, working on desert first!


It's not working on the mobile

Try it now!

It's working now!

i was trying to edit my character in little house of horrors and I got this screen

It showed up after I clicked on pink cow tail

Thanks, will fix!


Hey indivi, sorry for the inconvenience, but when I try to download the 48.1 for android, it did not work. I checked again by downloading it again, making sure to press the android section but nothing. But I noticed that the file is a zip. Does this mean anything? I'm not good with tech so sorry if is a stupid question.


Ah yeah, I guess packaging it in a zip file interferes with people that download directly on android. I'll switch it back to apk.


thank youuuuu!


Thank you indivi, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.  Love your work

Hay I follow a good amount of game creators and a lot of them don't know how to make a game file into an APK or change it to APK from RAR or ZIP if you have any info on this I can give them or a link to a website id appreciate it. And love the game keep up the good work.

Hey, I believe I followed this:

It's specific to RPG maker MV though, so not sure how much it'll help?

And glad to hear!