Lust Doll Plus r37.2 released to public!

Special early release, as I'll be out for most of today!

Please use a save from before going to Island. If you've already saved inside Island, these story flags will be reset (due to a bug):

1. Fawn Doubles Condo stuff

2. Going with Linda to ruined lab

3. Miscellaneous flags related to opened chests and stuff that shouldn't affect too much.

I've also made it so that it's clear when the game is autosaving, as well as letting the player load the last autosave instead of having to go to the load menu. If you prefer the old way, you can change the settings in the options.


-Fixed meat parasite nest orbs being activated early

-Fixed issues with changing Fawn's clothes

-Fixed NPC available attacks in Island

-Fixed fingering in Island not working properly


-Fixed post Island battle scenes not triggering

-Fixed Parasite Walls and gimp suit graphics not loading properly

-Fixed swim trunks not being recognized in Island battles

-Fixed getting trapped if arrested in UNA

-Fixed private dungeon equipment staying occupied when no one is there

-Fixed choosing Fawn's clothes soft locking in private dungeon when she is pregnant

-Slightly improved chance to escape hold in Island battles

-Fixed 'v slice' error when using certain actions during Island battles

-Fixed Productivity status not working in battles


-Completed rest of Island

-Added Private dungeon ankle stocks scenes for Rinny

-Added Private dungeon ankle stocks scene for Fawn as domme

-Changed so that can buy ankle stocks even with tickle kink turned off

-Fixed attack command to show nim and ero based damage

-Adjusted shown attack damage values to account for player attack and enemy defense percentiles

-Now shows message when autosaving

-Added option on title screen to load autosave

-Added option in options menu to default to load autosave, or load save game

-Adjusted Island battles to be up to 4 points (instead of 5)

-Added save/load/quit menu to Island battles

-Adjusted autosave frequency

-Adjusted code for preloading character portrait

-Adjusted code for character portrait file locations

-Shortened how long it takes to go from early to late stage pregnancy

-Fixed bug where going to Island causes certain story flags to reset

-Fixed issue with Island NPCs clothing not setting properly

-Fixed issue with Island NPCs being able to f**k without right genitalia

-Fixed issues when surrendering to Island NPCs

-Fixed bug causing Island to reset Island entrance, NPC clothes, and other things

-Fixed lag issues on Island

-Fixed cock appearing over waist wrap

-Fixed issue with certain options not loading properly

-Fixed Back button not appearing in log during Island battles

-Fixed bug with tinkering causing name error

-Fixed bug with numbers in hud overlapping when using items

-Adjusted Rinny blindfold graphic

-Added diagonal stairs graphics, made minor map adjustments

-Fixed issue with slanted eyes


Lust Doll Plus r37.2 (Linux).zip 325 MB
May 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r37.2 (Mac).zip 417 MB
May 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r37.2 (Win).zip 282 MB
May 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r37.2 (Android).apk 227 MB
May 07, 2022

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so uh, wearing fawns see through skirt with no undies is kinda glitched when visibly pregnant

Thanks, I'll look into it!

my apologies i forgot to mention that the issue is a layering one with a dick...

Got it! It'll be fixed for next release!

Island - Lust Doll Plus Wiki (

this is how you get to the island

(2 edits)

This is a very interesting game of rock paper scissors . . . but still fun none the less. 

Thanks! Haha yeah, it's fairly simple. I'll probably make it a bit more complex down the line

where can I find this? Fawn Doubles Condo stuff?

Island? It's in upper new Ark, in the gallery!

hmm must have missed it then - made one round trip and checked the npc etc - is it a particular object

It's in the gallery, you can't miss it!

yayyyyyyyyy i was waiting for this update, hope there is new lore!

and is a BIG JUICY major update


Enjoy! No route progression yet, as Island took a while (it's pretty complicated and involved!) But will be more story before long!


noooooo problem! i can wait, in the meantime i Will be playing on the things of the Island!


Sounds good!

Also, I kind of have to ask: Why did you implement previously-unmentioned ankle stocks in the private dungeon before you implemented the pillory stocks?

No particular reason!

(1 edit)

Minor visual bug to report with the ankle stocks. I put Fawn in there, left the dungeon while she was still in there, then brought Cassie down and bound her to the bed. When I left Cassie there and went to speak to Fawn, the bedsheet background was applied to the background for Fawn in the ankle stocks. Nothing similar occurs if I leave Cassie in the ankle stocks, bind Fawn to the bed, then speak to Cassie.

Also, taking Fawn to the private dungeon and then coming back to the apartment left Fawn naked around the house. I'm not seeing a "nude" option in the change-Fawn's-outfit list, so I'm assuming that one's also a glitch. For context, she was wearing her swimsuit before we left.

Thanks, I'll fix it!

Erm... HOW do I get to the island? The wiki doesn't even acknowledge it's existence.

Found a second wiki.

link? I believe?

This actually.

It says it's for the first game, but It only has what's in this game. If LD Plus is a remaster(same content, just revamped), I'd imagine there's a lot more that a wiki on the first version should talk about. But if LD Plus is remake(entirely new basically, or like FF7 Remake), then it seems this wiki is actually based on plus, not the original. But I haven't played the original, so I don't know.

That's for the first game, not plus!

I didn't even know there WAS an island. Haven't found it yet. so no concern over losing data. XD

Haha, it can be hard to reach

I've had a really bad habit for a while of starting LD+ over from the beginning every time a new story began. The Island updates have had done a good job on conditioning me to enjoy new content with an existing save rather than starting over.

Also, wanted to raise a discovery I made: I can JUST ABOUT win that fight with the supposed-to-be-unwinnable plant in the Forest Park by virtue of... let's call it "level grinding", and beckon meaningfully at the character creation process. Haven't quite figured out what levels I need to FULLY outpace its healing, but it does raise a question - do you have a failsafe in place for if that thing's stamina goes down to 0? Or should I stop experimenting so I don't crash the game?

Why does it even exist if it can't be beat?

(1 edit)

It's GOING to be beatable at a later date, as the mid-battle notice proclaims. In the meantime, there's a bad end available if you lose to it.


we do not ask the devs such question, break the game muhahahaha


I'd rather not risk breaking the game to the point that the game doesn't work, thanks. If it generates an ill-timed autosave, the game might get rendered unplayable, and I don't know how to delete savefiles except through the in-game menu.


It's definitely getting harder to start over from scratch each time if that's what you do!

Plant fight, doesn't matter if you bring it to zero, game is programmed not to let you win at the moment. Sorry!


Hey, don't apologize for making sure your game won't crash! I'm happy to hear that you have safeguards in place for that eventuality.


haha, then I won't! But yeah, that usually won't break the game, so don't worry

Hi Indivi.

I'm pretty impressed with the work you done. I didn't even thought I could find such a good visual novel. I'm happy that you continuing updating the game.

Well, the only issue is penises appearance. Honestly, they looking weird. Again, not bad just weird. Thank you.

The dicks look fine to me. Fine and TASTY!~

They look kinda weird. I would like more variations and maybe redraw. All of them looks weird, like really weird. Except horse's one.


Thanks! Yes, I'm definitely continuing to update it! And haha, sorry to hear!

Thanks Indivi! That is kinda awkward tho. I didn't used to play much of games like LD+, so maybe this genitals r fine.

haha, no worries! It is what it is