Lust Doll Plus r35.0 released to public!

Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r35.0!


-Added to Alissa's story

-Added Rinny hypnotism event

-Added Witch Hat and Robe, Wristwatch and Eyepatches to Transylvania shop

-Added Medical Eyepatches to nursery shop in New Ark city

-Added held Dildos to sex shop in Underground Mall

-Added Flogger, Cattle Prod and Spanking Paddles to Succubus Tower shop

-Added several Collars to Succubus Tower shop

-Revised system for attacking with held items

-Marked held items that count as weapons

-Changed so wearing random clothes doesn't equip living clothes

-Fixed knife appearing in Alissa's hands after playing with her

-Fixed bug preventing access to equips after arena fight

-Fixed bug where you can get abandoned town encounters in ruined lab

-Fixed incorrect text in Kitty's buttplug scene

-Fixed Fawn's bedsheets when pregnant

-Fixed bandit girl context text when stripping

-Fixed UNA guard appearing in gallery party, and island

-Fixed removing unremoveable clothes when playing with Kitty


Lust Doll Plus r35.0 (Android).apk 200 MB
Mar 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r35.0 (Linux).zip 298 MB
Mar 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r35.0 (Mac).zip 390 MB
Mar 07, 2022
Lust Doll Plus r35.0 (Win).zip 255 MB
Mar 07, 2022

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can anything be done with cum extracts atm?

Not yet, but you can show it to people~

On the Android version I'm encountering graphical errors upon starting, running Android 6.0 with an octa core processor and 4gb ram my phone is OPPO and with colourOS V3.0.0i if that is useful information 

Unfortunately, not sure. You can try reinstalling, resetting, clearing out space, but otherwise, it just might not work on your device.

I'll try that then get back to you with the results at least if we can conclude that it is my device then at least in future it'll be known of possible issues with OPPO phones, if it's not just my phone on it's own it is second hand after all

Hopefully I can get it working

I did the troubleshooting you suggested and no change so it's an issue with my phone, unfortunate but it is what it is I suppose

why does my game files keep deleting it self, this is the third time i have had to restart from the beginning, please help 

It's not the game doing it. You'll have to see what's going on with your computer.

oh ok


Any chance of more BDSM equipment in the next update? Those pillory stocks are taunting me with an image and not being able to purchase them.

Also, I would love to see more cumflation content. It took me a while before I even realized it was actively in the game rather than just on the list of possibilities. Maybe have the opportunity to have Kitty penetrate you? He's certainly able to cum enough, going by that first scene with him.

Private dungeon content is complicated, so I've been putting it off for a while. It'll come, I promise!

And yes, we'll have more cumflation content! Potentially with Kitty XD

Looking forward to both! Especially the cumflation~

I can't continue alissa's story I've had her interupt the bed and shower what's am I missing

have cassie change her clothes multuple time, this will lead to another interruption 

Thank you very much

Is there any way to 1 go backwards in dialog (my older phone frequently dosnt register clicks then double clicks past text which causes me to want #2) or 2 transfer data to another device. I have put up with my old phone for way to long. Thank you!

I'm afraid not. Only renpy games really have that function. You can check your history log to see past messages though.

To transfer data, you'll need to root both phones. The save file locations are here:

Android: \data\data\indivi.indivigames.lustdollplus

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question where to get the sex weapons, i have searched everywhere in the underground mall, i also have searched in all the shops, are there any hidden ones?

U must go to Transylvania and find succubus tower

why do i need to go to the tower ( i already finished all of the missions except for some hidden ones )

wait nvm forget everything i say, i accidently downloaded the previous version

xd it's ok bro, I did the same first time

(1 edit)

i already finish the update was pretty cool there is some sort of secret easter egg super hard to find to amuse me until the next update come to the public?

amm could u help me get past another stage in her story? am at the part where she is behaving like a pet, i dont know where to go from there 

Did you already annoy Cassie? If só you need to find Alissa in battle Just walk outside the safehouse and seek a battle until you find Alissa again

(1 edit)

yep annoy cassy, punished alissa, am gonna try fighting her again, this game really needs some hints or tips, got another dialogue thank u


Maybe devil Fawn if you haven't found her yet? XD

DEVIL FAWN? ok it's time to find some secrets

so im still stuck at "find alissa a job" i already did 3 job and dont know to progress 


There's something new in Transylvania!

Thank you

(1 edit)

am still lost on how to start alissa`s story, she keeps telling me how cute cassie is 

You need to get Alissa to interrupt you and Cassie 3 times! The one most people miss is having to annoy Cassie (make her change clothes a lot. She can't be pregnant for this.)

oh thank u

Found a really neat bug! One that I am almost hesitant to fix even though I know I should, just because it's cool.

Step 1: Ask Rinny to follow you, thus getting the Companion Rinny status.

Step 2: Do the hypnotism scene with Alissa. Afterwards, you will be deposited back at Cassie's safehouse.

Unlike all the other times you leave Transylvania... Rinny will still be your companion! She'll even participate in combat occasionally! ...but wait there's more!

Step 3: Invite Cassie to the basement, thus getting the Companion Cassie status.

(possibly unnecessary Step 4:) Go to the bed, and it will still have Rinny as the acknowledged companion for the session. Release Rinny and finish the session.

You will go right back to Cassie's spot at the table, with her still there... but she'll also still be your companion! Along with Rinny, still! Unlike Rinny though, far as I can tell Companion Cassie status has no extra effects.

I have also tried to get Linda and Fawn the same way... but Fawn takes precedence over Rinny in the dungeon, and leaves as normal afterward. Linda's behavior in the starting area is also unchanged... though in combat, both she and Rinny will occasionally assist you (though never on the same turn, as far as I can tell).

Haven't yet done anything that would make Rinny leave like normal, but I am guessing that if I did I would then be able to get Cassie to leave as well, and everything would go back to normal.

oh pfft, thanks I'll look into that XD. That's the problem with teleportation after events, haha

does it work better on Mac now? :D

Shouldn't be any different than before!


yessssssssss baby that what we waiting for that was all about new update to the public!

Hope you enjoy!

How do you progress with Alissa? She's still depressed for me, and I can't talk to her beyond that...

There's something new in Transylvania!

How to go to Underground mall?

Show post...

Stairs in new ark

Just to be safe, is it ok to delete the older versions once I downloaded the new version? I haven't deleted any of the versions since  31.1 for fear of losing my progress.

On android, I've had no problem doing that. Everything should transfer through.

Yes, it's no problem!