LD+ r21.1 released to public!

Edit: Updated link for android, should be 21.1 now. Sorry for the confusion!

Hi everyone, updated with LD+ r21.1!

-Changed to not require subbing to Fawn to buy Stocks at Torture Rack club
-Fixed thicc Ripped Jeans graphic
-Optimized filesizes of graphics
-Changed to show kinks included in extended bad ends
-Fixed bug causing number of toes to change when getting into ankle stocks

-Finished Fawn's route
-Added THICC body type at fairy grove
-Added Ankle Stocks to Torture Rack club for Cassie
-Added Loafers and Platform Boots to UNA store
-Added Nipple Vibes and Nip Bandages to Underground Mall
-Added Sana and Miki to hospital
-Changed to show message when no selectable skills or items are available
-When shopping, added indicator for when item is in storage
-Revised how private dungeon works
-Added consistent border to map space
-Adjusted Fawn's portrait
-Tinkering with Fairy Dust now returns Bottles
-Fixed bug causing Marin's 2nd challenge to not work
-Fixed bug where killing the don auto-saves
-Fixed KNO instance in fairy grove
-Fixed bug where couldn't input with keyboard after starting a NG+
-Fixed several instances of screen not un-dimming after an event
-Fixed bug where escaping from capture by Mistyra caused parasite clothes to be removed
-Fixed meeting Fawn at Roxie's after she goes to UNA
-Fixed blindfolds causing screen not to undim
-Fixed being able to use milk pump while chest is restricted
-Fixed bug where can't run anymore after fighting with Marin
-Fixed doing pregnant love 2 with Rinny when not actually pregnant
-Fixed being able to get past guard in Gallery
-Fixed a few cases of being able to do things while chest/crotch bound
-Fixed pubes showing in wrong place in milking pose
-Fixed issue with showing all changes being displayed as blank when done multiple times


Lust Doll Plus r21.1 (Android).apk 128 MB
Jan 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r21.1 (Linux).zip 244 MB
Jan 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r21.1 (Mac).zip 336 MB
Jan 08, 2021
Lust Doll Plus r21.1 (Win).zip 201 MB
Jan 08, 2021

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hey, indivi. do we have a guide for this game? if no I would love a guide


I think there's a one for their patron but there isn't one for people who aren't 


Thanks. Wish I had the money to support this game on patreon, but I'm a penniless plebeian at the moment


There's also this fan wiki you can check out!


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Thanks. Also, are we gonna a get a spell eventually that makes the transformation area in that one shop obsolete, just like with the succubus workshop? Lastly would it be possible to make the thicc thighs and butt on the thicc character sprite a bit more pronounced, as well as adding a toggle for "THICC-mode" to the cock growth spell once it's been unlocked the first time

Not sure what spell you're referring to. Cock growth?

The thicc graphics is actually really cumbersome to make, so it's unlikely to change, sorry! You're meant to visit the fairies queen again if you want to toggle it off/on!

latest update still like this.. so sad :'D

android version

Were you able to play it before?

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yes, until i finished helping rinny .

and rinny can get the first pregnant. forgot which version.

i think from v 13 below. i still can play

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how do I get the counterfeit pass to go to upper new ark?

Get the hobo that accepts food to like you! When you sleep, he'll reset, giving you a new hint

in fawns route there's a thing where you can endure with enough res is there a limit cuz I got to 17 (even though my res is supposed to be 20) and it still didn't do anything


You're forgetting that being nude actually give you -20% Res

I'm not gonna spoil it, but I've grinded to res 20 and wen there, you should too. there's a really trippy and somewhat long scene that happens if you manage to endure it past 20

Sana and Miki, are super cute, I hope we get to see more of them.

For sure! Definitely will have lots to do with them


Can you dom Fawn I remember in past there was going to be content for that but I don't know if I need a new save to trigger it or do I need to become her sub to unlock it?


Can't yet, it's part of her post route content! And yeah, need to be her subbe to get access to it!

Deleted 291 days ago

that happened to me! it was one of the many, many lines of red text that showed up while trying to install. it even happened with other games that previously had no issues with installing.

have no idea what it means still, but i used task manager to completely close itch.io and restart it, and it worked fine after that- for all the games that had the problem, too!

Deleted 291 days ago
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where do you encounter fawn in upper new ark? i can't find her anywhere and definitely did everything to start her route. 

im on the updated version (21.1) and all the places opened up in the update are present, but i still don't see her. please help!

UPDATE: okay now i tried to re-install the whole thing (i did this whenever there were errors on the previous versions, and it worked fine) but now it's giving me a whole wall of red text errors whenever  i try to install the files. i have no idea what went differently.

UPDATE #2: restarted itch. and it downloaded fine. seriously i think either itch or my computer is the cause of most of my problems -_-

aaand i still cant find her please help meeee

she's at the campus, at the cafeteria with her friends

I had to start a New Game to finder her. Maybe there's a problem, if you use a save file from the last version in which you were already in the cafeteria .

Well,that's actually some problem.But I always start new game then release new ver.

oooh. yeah i usually do that but i guess i was impatient this update lol. thanks!


Nothing of the sort! You actually need to speak to Arlene and the receptionist in the torture rack first before she'll appear!

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I had done this before I started a New Game, so at least it didn't worked at my pc (Windows)


Lots of people seem to be having trouble with this, so I'll look into it!


You need to speak to Arlene and the receptionist in the torture rack first before she'll appear!