LD+ r20.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, updated with LD+ r20.1!

-Moved spats and leggings to lower undies slot
-Fixed screen not un-dimming after a fight/event
-Fixed bug where dresses wouldn't hide crotch accessories
-Fixed NG+ issues when done from Upper New Ark
-Fixed certain hats hiding ears
-Fixed colors for blue tails
-Changed Science Lab Tower m2f to be doable after meat parasites. Fixed bugs preventing it from triggering
-Fixed bug where changing skin colour in UNA triggers the guard
-Improved functionality of code for wearing clothes

-Continued Fawn's route
-Opened Upper New Ark
-Added seer in New Ark Slums
-Added Tinkering mechanic
-Added Ink Pen to Hardware store
-Added setting a custom term for player's race (can change in inner sanctum)
-Added always closed eye types
-Modified Sammy's and Mistyra's furry portrait
-Knowledge stat changed to Insight. Body stat changed to Resilience
-Implemented pre-loading certain portraits
-Made edits to Mistyra cock growth scene for when doing it after m2f scene
-Fixed issue with being unable to leave tattoo menu on android
-Edited Tuxedo graphics for player and servant
-Fixed losing living clothes if bought them from shop, then again from elsewhere
-Fixed bug preventing keyboard entry
-Fixed bug where selecting an empty skill slot crashes the game
-Fixed bug with pubes showing when bent over
-Fixed using Lust Tonic on Rinny in bed in dungeon acting like she has a cock
-Fixed Bandit girl showing cock through shorts
-Fixed bug where bulges won't show on certain lower clothes
-Fixed Pussy Vibrator graphics being missing
-Fixed issue with Sammy's special causing player to remain nude after
-Fixed issue with mobile buttons not appearing on mobile
-Fixed issue with NPC eyebrows not being at correct height
-Fixed issue with glasses staying on when sleeping
-Changed how open-toed shoes work
-Fixed cock vibe staying on Rinny when removing her cock
-Fixed not becoming nude when visited while sleeping in Succubus Tower


Lust Doll Plus r20.1 (Android).apk 128 MB
Dec 07, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r20.1 (Linux).zip 226 MB
Dec 07, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r20.1 (Mac).zip 318 MB
Dec 07, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r20.1 (Win).zip 183 MB
Dec 07, 2020

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I have an issue were any sitting animation causes, the white palms on my character (Furry) to stay where they are on the standing portrait. 

It's an issue with porting old save files. Go into options, disable your portrait, then reenable it. That'll fix it!

Thank you.

damn i just found fawn in upper ark and i have to wait for another update eh well at least i have something else to wait for then

Fawn's worth the wait~

Uh... Vibrator is invisible under  the dresses...

Which vibrators and which dress are you speaking of?

Deleted 2 years ago

Sounds like an itch.io or Internet problem to me! Not much I can do to help with that unfortunately

Uh oh. Can I ask u about new Uptade? I already done most of quests. Aand what about big routes. I mean Like Rinny or Cassie. Maybe u could add some characters like Cowgirl in the bathhouse or Bell. 

New update comes every month! Rinny and Cassie's routes are done for now, but they'll likely have second routes later! And yes, also planning routes for Sammy and Bell!

Deleted 3 years ago

And what bout more types of pussies and tatoos?

It's on the to do list!

In the lil shop of horrors, there’s nothing in the shop and idk how to get access to it

It's mostly just holding a place/teasing about future content at the moment!

(1 edit)

Incident at Science Lab: No dick, but saying dick smaller. Breast maximum size, getting smaller. Normal RNG? Something to look out?

Update: Already Cis Girl, Although I do ever use dick growth before version update.

Might just have some left over code that triggers that happening if you ported a save. Should be fine if you've triggered it once already!

when is ios version  coming

Unfortunately, Apple makes it really difficult to make apps for iOS, so it's unlikely to happen anytime soon

is fawn not available currently in new ark? i have looked everywhere there for her, and there are some blocked off sections still there. is this update only to reach the area, and not complete the quest?

Yeah, can't clear her route just yet. Hopefully should be able to with next release!

I have no idea how to get the counterfeit passes to upper new ark, I got to the part where I have to find Fawn, but none of the black market guys have them

i posted  a reply to a similar question on here down below! look there for help :)

Could someone give me a hand? I've been to every corner, but I can't find Fawn

Talk to Arlene in the club!

ok, I assume she is in those homes, but they are not ready yet

Yes, her route should hopefully be finished next release!

howdo we get the upper ark card finished? i have a pen, and all four of the counterfeits, but it keeps saying that i need better reference.

i swear ive talked to all the npcs, too. please help!

where u can find the counterfiets? i know that pen but i've try to search counterfeits in blackmarket  but I can't find it

(2 edits)

after you talk to the reception lady at the torture rack about fawn, you have to go to the hint guy in the little homeless camp place, and give him something. 

i gave him an apple, so i dont know if it was a special occasional happening but after that he'll tell you that the black market sells to those deemed "cool" by them, and he says you seem cool, so he gives a good word to them.

after that, you can go to the junk seller and he should have the four different types of counterfeits. 

(i bought all four, and do not know how to use them. using any of them at the upper ark gate just gets you arrested lol)

hope that helps!

If you have the counterfeits in your inventory go to Lin Lin get a massage (Not sure if you tip or don't) She'll see your counterfeit and allow you  improve your pass so its now a 100% going to work instead of a random chance of working or not.

oh my god thank you so much! i was so very lost 

I bought all four, tried them one by one at the gate. I got arrested every time except for the very last one I tried, it was the gnarled one. They take it away even if you go through. But I tried it a second time and the same one worked.

However in original LD, every game you went through had a different one be the good one, I don’t know if it’s the same in this.

Btw I bought all four at first and then went to the gate to try them. The last one was right but when I got arrested, they didn’t take the other ones away, which is nice

I just used the wrinkled counterfeit pass and I got into UNA so it must be random.

the hint guy only tells me that i can get special massages at the massage parlor. i can't get anything else out of him. the junk seller stays restricted.