LD+ r18.1 released to public!

Hi everyone, LD+ r18.1 is out now!


-Added option to disable gamepad inputs
-Adjusted gamepad settings
-Fixed 'Next' menu in Transylvania barber shop
-Fixed Rinny's balls staying after session
-Fixed bug where player can't be captured by servants in manor quest
-Fixed Bell having balls for no reason
-Fixed farm renovation option still showing after it's been completed
-Removed Rinny dungeon invite (since it's not ready yet)
-Fixed talking to Fawn having wrong options

-Added lots of milk farm content
-Added possible balls to futa Rinny and bandit girl
-Added changing body to Shop of Horrors
-Revised gamepad controls
-Revised instructions for controls
-Revised how choice windows show 7+ choices
-Revised Rinny's normal and benched portrait
-Revised Bell's normal and milked portrait
-Revised Gin's human form to have human cock
-Revised code for private dungeon
-Changed pubes to be same color as bangs
-Combined futa and futa balls shrine
-Reduced cowgirl requirement to 5 to invite bulls
-Increased Mistyra encounter chances on appropriate floors
-Fixed bug preventing Giant Plant from defeating you
-Fixed bug where doing NG+ after learning magic would lock off those parts
-Fixed some bugs related to wearing cock accessories, then removing cock
-Fixed bugs with resetting cowgirls at farm
-Fixed bug with repeating experiment in Science Lab Tower
-Fixed bug where you can keep using skills after reaching max lust
-Fixed certain clothes not working properly
-Fixed bug where toll guard can be convinced without required speech stat
-Fixed bug where sparing don and leaving the city autosaves during ending


Lust Doll Plus r18.1 (Win).zip 176 MB
Oct 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r18.1 (Mac).zip 311 MB
Oct 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r18.1 (Linux).zip 219 MB
Oct 08, 2020
Lust Doll Plus r18.1 (Android).apk 121 MB
Oct 08, 2020

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How do you get into the shop of horrors? the shopkeeper just says to try their wares if I ask about the door, and says the wares are "somewhere else"

and I did double check I'm in 18.1

You need to go see Marin in the Manor!

Deleted 2 years ago

Try the city jail, or looking in Transylvania!

Thank you again for remastered version and added new futures here. Just remembered how try made speedrun,but nothing good. Now finally can get how realise Casey, left here in game and knock out Don. So, after that I saw in Torture Rack have some ideas what will be in next updates... like new stuff for dungeon, actions with Arlene mb, skill for breasts and finally make Bell milk already 😂

You're welcome! And some neat ideas to consider, though it'll be a while for Bell XD

Bug: When having pregnant sex 2 with rinny error happens

Thanks, it'll be fixed!

Any plans for adding the rest of the laboratory path soon? Or is that in LD+ already?

Should be coming in the next few releases!

Deleted 3 years ago

Make Cassie change clothes a bunch of times! She also needs to be not pregnant for this

(2 edits)

Hey I found an error that happens when you use the body shop machine and if you are wearing a vibe cock ring while doing the procedure and you remove the cock it causes the game to have an error yes I read the patch notes and yes I updated the game

Thanks, I'll look into it!

How to train the Gin cat person?

No way to complete yet, need to wait for me to update his route!


I found this around a month or so ago by accident and i'm really diggin it.

keep up the good work.

Welcome and glad you're enjoying it! I will!

think we can ever get a devil tail to go with the devil horns in the character creation? 

Yes, it's planned!


awesome! I'll be waiting patiently then!

the game gets error when you wants to have pregnant sex with rinny

(1 edit)

how many cowgirls and bulls here now? I just found 8 cows and 4 bulls, but seems here more...

P.S.:that's one of great games I ever played. Hopefully more content coming soon.

Can I know where you found it ??

I already search it everywhere but I didn't found it

Thanl you

well,bulls you can find after find all cows. Let me think... first near police station or science tower,next at lower level, another one... this real funny:go to forest,you can fishing there but find "attention" square, and you real can catching her. 

Bulls:3 of them in same position,4th at forest in fairy nest.

Thank you, but I can't find the cowgirl in forest though...

Emm, when you went rescue succubus you must went from that place...Do you use 18.1 or 17.2?

Here.This place

Yup, but I didn't found the cowgirl I mean... Thank you

i just ran into an error or is it yet to be fixed the make pregnant love 2 or is it still in progress?

It's a bug, I'll fix it!

allright awsome   i never played the first lust doll but wil u be able to date sammy,fawn and bell?  btw awsome game love it keep going

it says added changing body to shop of horrors, do we have to unlock that or will it automatically be there?

Talk to the shopkeeper, and ask them about the locked door!

i did, and they said i needed to "try out their wares" before i'd be able to unlock it. am i using the wrong version by accident? that's happened to me before since when you launch it from itch it gives you an option from 3 different .exe files to open - but they're all the same name and file size, making it kind of hard to discern which file is which. last update, there was only two, and the top one opened the pre-update file while the bottom one opened the updated one. is there a reason for this happening?

It should show the version on the title screen. Just try each file till you get 18.1 at the bottom right corner

also this is kinda normal for itch when updating games you have.


i didn't know that, thank you!

Is Bell able to be impregnated yet or is her story line still being worked on?


Not yet, she's still being worked on!


Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to it!

keep up the good work mate

C :

Thanks, I will!